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Birthday Loot



So it was my birthday and I had a very nice time with family and friends.


Loot included:

- clothes and blanket

- two DLCs for Warhammer 2 Total War which I have spent the past week playing with OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png

-One 'black box' from a friend that contains OSes from the 80's, which in turn can then run various games from that time period, including the first three text-based ZORK adventures  aaarg my enter key isn't working- and such a quantity of Lego that I couldn't build it all over the weekend!



- 8075 Neptune Carrier (of which I had one already OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png) - large set

- 8077 Exploration HQ (of which I also had one already OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png) - very large set

- 8059 Seabed Scavenger - small set

- 8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub - medium set

- 8057 Wreck Raider - small fry compared to the above OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png

All complete, which is nice! Minifigures, portal keys, and all!


FANTASY CASTLE THAT'S LITERALLY WARHAMMER (evil skeletons, Orcs with green skin, Dwarves, heroic Mannish defenders)

- 7079 Drawbridge Defense (missing some minifigure accessories; one crossbow, some weapons (got plenty spare OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png), golden shield (used serving dish instead), golden sword (used katana instead), golden helmet (used gold fire cap instead... this guy looks pretty wacko now OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png) - large set

- 7037 Tower Raid (complete and duplicate, neither of which worry me OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png) - medium set

- 7097 Troll's Mountain Fortress (missing 1/2 of minifigure heads but all bricks, and both trolls, there) - very large set

Note on 7097 - It is the worst fortress I've ever seen. It has no reinforcing at all, and when assembling it the pressure of putting bricks together caused the high tower to just disintegrate before my hands. Using my remote controlled repeating ballista, I ran the combined fortress over into pulp. The gates fall off, the gate arch falls backwards, the bonds between segments split, the walls implode... A terribly reinforced set. I'll have to fix that :smug:



- 7690 Eagle Command Base (missing one large orange pipe, which is a bit of a shame as it's one of the most important pieces of the set as well as one of the most irreplacable. Not a problem, I'll just share from my other Eagle Command Base OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png) - large set

- 7692 Recon Dropship (missing minor replaceable pieces) - large set (The dropship is quite large, but the alien craft which will be forever termed "Alien Extractor" is quite hefty as well. Very dense. 

- 7697 Clawtank Ambush (complete) Now my third Clawtank (or is it fourth? I've started losing count of my number of Clawtanks and LRR's Loader Dozers OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png). However this can hardly be said to be a problem, unless one considers storage space. OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png - medium set



All in all, a colossal haul that I'm almost embarrassed to share ...


But there's one more thing I got... Can you guess what it is? You'll never guess :smug:  Make a guess, and then open the spoiler below...


Reactive depression!






My engineering degree has taken its toll. See, it's not just the degree. As part of my engineering degree - that's what makes it so special - I have to have obtained 800 hours of engineering-related work experience. Else they don't let me graduate and I'm left floundering for work experience.

At the beginning of last year I threw myself into it by skipping first year and starting second-year immediately. Then in the semester-to-semester break I picked up 120 hours of needed work experience. This left no time to prepare before heading into the next semester, where I took a fifth course on top of my workload. Then came the Christmas break, which was again spent a) desparately hunting for needed experience (very stressful!) and b) doing work experience. I finished work on a Wednesday and the first semester of 2018 started on the next Monday. All without a single proper 'day of rest.' (The engineering degree is four years, so I've got this year and one more to go).

Small wonder, then, that my brain is now forcefully shutting me down as I'm on study leave. It is to be expected that I am feeling as exhausted and despondent as I do feel, just because my brain has never had time to calm down for the past one and a half years. Weekends would be spent fretting about assignments.  Major holidays were spent hunting down work experience. Minor holidays always had assignments due over them.


It's not too bad though. I'm very tired and unwilling to get any study done for exams, and my sleep schedule is nonexistent. But that's most of the effects of it (other effects include unwillingness to socialize and a total lack of patience with inanimate objects). Which is bearable, and as depression goes, relatively minor.

At least, that's what I tell myself. OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png Whether it's actually true is another matter, but at least I'd like to hope that things are minor. They certainly all make sense now that I know I have proper depression as opposed to random 'meh-ness;' nearly all of the hitherto inexplicable events that have happened this year can be explained now. Nearly.


Oh well. I hope you're all doing better than I am, but I know for some of you that flat-out isn't the case. OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.pngAl-ways look on, the bri-ight si-de of life!

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Dang, that's a really nice haul!!! I can relate to the engineering stuff, wrapping up this fall term finally and should be a fully work-ready Industrial Engineer in November :) 

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