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From Planet U to Mata Nui... and back

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Slimy Slug


Welp, it's time for another update.


Since I last left the stranded miners on Planet U, I somehow ended up on the LOMN restoration project team started by The Beaverhouse streaming group on Discord.  
It's been an incredible experience working on the lost Bionicle game every fan has dreamed of getting their hands on.  


To all of the Bionicle fans that read this, the work we've dedicated to this game is for you.  


Returning to Planet U, I can't really discuss too much about what I'm doing because I don't want to give away some of what's going to be in the mod :) 


I will say this: if you thought this game was out of tricks think again.

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What LOMN restoration project? Making the game actually playable & enjoyable?


Also whatever you do on Planet U... please don't make it crash D:

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@aidenpons You bet.  It's a slow process, but things are moving along quite nicely.  The hope is that the individual who is known to have the beta will eventually leak it in the same manner as the alpha, which would allow us to more accurately complete the game in its intended form.  Even if that doesn't happen, we can still continue the game's development with the alpha.  Once proper editing tools for the osi and slbs are completed by @JrMasterModelBuilder and @epicabsol respectively, the sky is the limit with where this could go.


When it comes to Rock Raiders, I'm doing my best to make it _not_ crash.  I mean stuff that shouldn't be related to certain things is causing crashes with specific buildings/vehicles.  Like the ore seam line in SurfaceTypeDescriptions caused a crash with the Super Teleport...  


My favorite quote from @Jessietail pretty much sums up RR in a single sentence: "This game is weird and broken..."  

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