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the spooky terror of nick bluetooth





it has come to my knowledge how much galidor has been spoken of lately and I decided to pop in to see what all of it was about and holy cr*p, I have something to share with y'all.


a little while back on the solekian discord (which is a server full of chumps from bzpower and the likes where we praise solek and make memes - silly I know), we had a discussion about galidor and some guy said this:



I was like "oh my, is that last part true?" and suddenly my interest of this mess started to peak. 

so I went to check the actor of nick bluetooth's instagram account and oh boy he wasn't fooling around with us.


at first, it was weird yet rather toned back from this poor fella because according to the guy I was talking to, he hasn't gotten a new role since 2002 - well major roles. to be honest, it's pretty sad considering his work for the show was pretty decent and I liked it.


but to be fair, doing work for one of lego''s failures wouldn't hurt your career right? :P


but yeah that's pretty it. I found this interesting enough to be shared with y'all. 













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The only way save him is to be in the MCU like the actors who played Human Torch.

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