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Why I'm Away from RRU



Okay, first this blog is overdue. About half a year overdue. l405G.jpg I meant to type it up at the beginning of the year, then two weeks in, then at the break, and now I’m finally stopping procrastinating & am actually writing it up.


Anyway, the reason I have not been around here nearly as much as a) I was and b) I would like to be is because last year I was at high school = not fantastically amazing and plenty of free time except for the infamous fifteen exams in two-and-a-bit months.


Now, my life has taken a most interesting turn and I am at University! I’m studying Mechanical Engineering and have decided to skip the first year and launch straight into the second (it’s a four-year degree). After talking to many people it’s become apparent that by skipping the first year the only thing I’ve missed is large quantities of boredom. l405G.jpg


Naturally, this is extremely busy, as Engineering is widely viewed as one of the most time-consuming of the degrees. There are two types of engineering students: drunk dropouts who get C’s and D’s, and people who turtle in their studies and work hard. l405G.jpg While that’s fairly accurate of any subject, for Engineering the gap is even more pronounced. As such I can’t come over to this wonderful place as much as I’d like. But that is less than half the reason. An important part, yes, but less than half.



The other half of the reason lies in the fact that I have never had a social life before. Never. My maximum number of friends at school hit a top of about three, and was usually two. This was because I was at a small school (400 student spread all the way over from 5 year olds to 17 year olds) and there were very few people who were as dedicated to their studies as I was. (The few that did do a large quantity of work were in different years, and they were my few friends). About half of my class wouldn’t mind failing the final year. This made me incredibly lonely but because I’d never known anything different, that was the status quo and I was fine with that. I’d never known anything else to exist.


Then I found RRU and I found a whole bunch of other intelligent gamers (let’s be real, this is a nerd community. l405G.jpg I mean that in the nicest way possible. l405G.jpg) Well, you could say that RRU became a very rudimentary form of my social life. I enjoyed chatting to you all even if I was a jerk on multiple occasions (as well as a uh rather bumpy introduction). So for it’d basically be the past five years, my social life has been non-existent and my friends included two people at school and RRU.


Why is this important and why am I ranting to you about it? Because you lot are my friends, in that I can rant to you (and you can just block your ears, that often happens l405G.jpg). I don’t want to name anyone because then those that don’t get named don’t feel so happy, and that’s not the point the point is that you lot, in a wide sense and with a variable continuum, have been my friends over the past years where I can just come and hang out in the empty, desolate shoutbox. l405G.jpg


Now University comes into the picture and I have found that there are actually other intelligent nerds that aren’t just on the internet. This is actually somewhat of a surprise. Not really a “surprise,” just a departure from the status quo for the past thirteen years. As a result, I can now actually say that I have more friends than I can count on one hand for well, to be honest, the first time in my existence. In fact, more decent friends than I can count on two hands which is a huge deal for me and you can scoff at it if you like. Go ahead, I’m used to being scoffed at. Story of my life for the past sixteen years. l405G.jpg

This means that I don’t need to spend as much time on RRU as normal, because my “socializing” is actually done with people in the real world yes, that’s phrased awfully, but that hasn’t really happened before. It’s almost as if I don’t need RRU anymore, but that sounds too harsh. It’s just that I now actually have friends in the real world that I can talk to, and RRU is no longer my sole social outpost.


This isn’t a farewell letter by no means rather, it’s a long-overdue explanation of why I’m late. l405G.jpg I’ll be around, if I can and when I can to chat with all you wonderful lot (for a given definition of wonderful l405G.jpg).



See ya around!

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