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your mission is now to make the "chuck-computer-in-trash-bin-gif" completely out of Lego and make a Lego stopmotion of it

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I'd also like to add that what you've made is a really nice-looking computer MOC. IDK if you stole the design or thought it up yourself, but it's really nice and doesn't look like a CRT.


But what piece is Unikitty using as a mouse? :S It's much too small to be a 1x1 stud or indeed a Lego piece at all... :S

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1 minute ago, Ayliffe said:


Wait a minute... Unikitty's paw is 1x1 square. That mouse looks roughly the right side to be a 1x1 stud when compared to the paw.


However, your computer's table is 2 wide (by about six?), which explains that odd double-stud pattern you see on the back of the computer - it's like that because it is actually a double stud, instead of the desk being 1x3 as I first presumed; in the bin you can clearly see the computer is two studs wide and I'm going into this in faaaaaar too much detail...


Two more questions:

1) How'd you get the 2x2 brown plate (I'm guessing that's what you used) so shiny? Sheesh, it reflects Unikitty's paw! :o It must be new. All our glass is so old and microscopically scratched you can barely see through it (e.g. this, this, and this)... I just can't get over how shiny that brown plate is and am going to continue typing for two lines about a new 2x2 brown plate yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

2) Can you get a camera with a longer focal distance? I can barely make out anything on that computer, and it took me (as is shown above) a great deal of time to realise the computer is in fact two studs wide and that the funny-looking decal is not a decal at all but in fact two pins in Technic+Lego pieces which is in fact two studs wide and I'm again going to continue typing for about two lines over a photo you randomly took for no real reason yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

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