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I couldn't think up a name

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I found an ancient TT game from 2005



TT released Lego Star Wars in 2005. They also released this in 2005.






It's.... literally... Lego The Hobbit in 2005.


- Smash things to get studs
- Buddy-up attacks
- Run-fast-in-certain-section-avoid-the-obsctacles-which-don't-actually-deal-any-damage-and-collect-the-studs
- Stun enemies with special ability
- Press buttons in this order
- Spam Attack to fight
- flash red when on low health
- AI-controlled characters deal 0 damage, take 0 damage, and are complete idiots
- Mounts
- boss battles
- cheap enemy spamming in aforementioned boss battles
- bosses hitting ground to deal area of effect damage
- enemies drop health
- cheap boss abusing tactics because the boss AI is awful
- stealth mechanics like Lego LoTR in the Dead Marshes, except these work much better
- levels consisting SOLELY of repeatedly mook-bashing, except that this game has actually difficult quantities of mooks


Things Lego the Hobbit has added to this:

- Ability to jump (notably lacking from Bonkle Heroes too)

- Useless loot system

- Buildables

- Buildable mega-constractions whereby you have to select the part wanted

- about a hundred characters and added only about ten, or less, special abilities

- Open world whereby all you do is smash things to get studs

 - Quests which have an uncanny tendency to bug out

- a nicer-looking level select, I will definitely grant you that

- DLCs

- Crashes

- Bugs


In ten years, graphics aside, TT has not really changed more than you might expect them to...


(Of course, Lego World & Lego Dimensions are the exception to this state of changelessness)



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