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A Juncture

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  1. 1. What was the best part of Nexus Farce: Ingress of Imagination?

    • The self-aware "plot"
    • The MOCs
    • The LEGO and LEGO theme-related humor
  2. 2. What should I waste my time on next?

    • Nexus Farce: Obligatory Serialization
    • A series involving astrographers and expies of various LEGO themes
    • A series based on the Elimbies
    • One-off MOCs
    • no

With the Nexus Farce: Ingress of Imagination entering its final, if belated, chapters, and the Elimbies poised to collapse next month (I'd like to believe there is some causality between the two), I find myself at a juncture: what should I waste my time on next? I have a few ideas, including those listed in the poll above (that question is multiple choice, so mark any of those that sound interesting and/or say in the comments). I enjoy crafting narratives and building models, and the two mesh together pretty well. I have a vague story arc plotted out should I continue the Nexus Farce, but I'd also like to try my hand at something a bit more freeform.


The Nexus Farce was written to be obscenely verbose as a joke, though in hindsight I'm a bit more critical of this choice. In spite of its numerous flaws, I'm still rather proud of IoI on the whole. Maybe one of you knows better and would be kind enough to explain why I'm wrong; I'm serious about that. While I do this for my own entertainment, it can be satisfying to get feedback on something that's been so long coming. Really, even if you just got a wry chuckle, or none at all, from the Nexus Farce and related material, I'll take any criticism you guys have. 

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If it's wacko and surreal it's basically straight up my street, so I found Nexus Farce very amusing. The MOCs you made were also very pretty to look at.

no Quis don't mention SH


*shrugs* Do whatever you like.

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