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Rant about Gaildor: Part 1

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There's one particular LEGO Theme that is known to be the worst of the worst. You all know what I'm talking about:



If I had to be honest with you all, I did like Gaildor when I first saw it on my older brother's old LEGO World Club Magazines many years ago. Eventually, I watched the episodes from the show on Youtube.  After I watched the only two seasons of the show, I wanted to get more Gaildor, and sadly, I did later find out that the theme's sets were bad.  Like REALLY BAD...  If more hadn't occurred with my interest of theme,  I wouldn't even care for anything that was LEGO related at that time. 


With my 'little' opinion of Gaildor being done, I'd be back with a part two of this rant about the "worst" LEGO Theme. I'll like to hear your opinion of Gaildor in comments below! Cheers!

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I know it's fun to mock the theme, but the truth is I find more amusing than anything else. The show is goofy and low-budget, but not outright bad, and ignoring the humans the sets are perfectly fine action figures - just not, you know, Lego sets. 


The video game is awful  though

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Not much of a rant, really.


Anyway I've never watched the show or played the game but I always liked the Galidor toys. I think the theme gets more hate than it deserves.

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I hope galidor becomes lego's flagship theme for replacing bionicle as the new CCF line

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Let's put it this way: Lego, as far as I'm concerned, has never done something so legitimately awful that it deserves scorn. With this not being the case, FOLs start looking for something to comically exaggerate their hate towards, and Galidor makes for an easy target since it wasn't commercially successful and it was radically different than other Lego products.

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On 8/24/2016 at 3:53 PM, Pereki said:

The show is goofy and low-budget, but not outright bad

that's how i feel about the sets, but i can't say the same about the show. it's uh, something else. or maybe i just try to avoid bad shows and im not used to this sort of amazingness.

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