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Shadowblaze - OKすか



I NOW AM ON TWITTER PEEPS https://twitter.com/_Shadowblaze


You might have noticed that title looks just a tiny bit off. It's a reference to Earthbound.


Anywho! This is just a fun tune inspired by the aforementioned game, as I can't seem to find anybody who can make this kind of music. Except for the composers for MOTHER 4 and the Earthbound ones (duh).





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1 hour ago, Xiron said:

Never really looked into Earthbound, but this sounds groovy. :glasses:


You definitely should! It's one of (if not) the best RPGs I've ever played. As for its music, it's kinda wonky... I tried to condense the whole feel of the soundtrack in one music, while adding something more of my own, but to understand what it is like you'll have to listen to it thoroughly.

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