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Hey everyone.


For a while, I’ve been thinking about my reputation here; not my points, though I do want to thank everyone for getting me up to a thousand. I mean, like, how I actually presented myself on the forums. I understand that it may be difficult (or impossible) for others around here to still take me seriously due to my excessive s***posting. Really, I don’t even know what the hell I was thinking. I guess I was trying to be funny, or maybe to just get attention by being a complete nuisance. Nonetheless, my posts were barely worth anyone’s time. If there are any entries I remain satisfied with, they’re the ones about my crappy LEGO videos and the “sexy” Aquashark drawings I found. I still think those are gold. Others may agree or disagree; that’s cool. At this point, however, I think it would be best for me to abandon my old blog (hopefully for good) and start writing in a new one that’s actually purposeful. I’d like to apologize to everyone at RRU who had to put up with me and my stupidity. In spite of that, thank you all for still recognizing me as a member of the community.



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Did people seriously not like those? How could they find you annoying? You're a great friend, I can't wait to see whatever you post next.

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yeah I mean, I can't speak for everyone but as a frequent s***poster I can say that I, at least, never found your posts annoying. That said, do what works for you! serious blogs are good for serious things, which can also be good

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i've been s***posting on rock raiders united dot org/com for seven years that's a third of my life you've got nothing on me

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To be honest, I expected that more people would be thinking the same as I currently do, but it looks like I beat myself up more than anything else... oh well. I should definitely avoid doing that in the future.


Anyhow, I appreciate the comments :)


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