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A game idea wot Ayliffe came up with

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So, this afternoon on the Skype group I mentioned an idea for a 2D sidescrolling lego fangame that's been in my head for a while, and then I proceeded to literally just blurt out all the ideas and such I had for it for no real reason other than the fact I found it quite interesting. I can't really be bothered to reword all of my abstract thoughts into something more sensible, so here's the chat log for your enjoyment:



[11:59:16] Hugh Wotmeigh: What's the funniest way to kill somebody made of LEGO?
[12:39:36] Jay Phoenix: brick separator
[12:39:44] Hugh Wotmeigh: OH MY
[12:39:45] Hugh Wotmeigh: :D
[12:40:54] Jay Phoenix: Heck, I had an idea at one point for a sidescrolling lego game with the protagonist wielding a giant brick separator as a weapon
[12:41:40] Hugh Wotmeigh: I'm just thinking in those sequences I posted, if I do the randomisation thing, it's gonna be funny watching a banana salesman and a crane director have a fight over what they think is their thing (banana/the light pole), only for it to shoot out of their hands into the crane and crush the poor dead guy.
[12:41:47] Hugh Wotmeigh: i'm a bit at this hour
[12:41:51] Jay Phoenix: Main character was Larry from that Racers ride in Legoland Windsor, because of course
[12:41:57] Hugh Wotmeigh: :|
[12:42:33] Jay Phoenix: main evil guy would've remained a mystery until the very end, when he's revealed to be... Nick Bluetooth from Galidor
[12:42:43] Jay Phoenix: it was a very... interesting game idea
[12:42:46] Hugh Wotmeigh: jesus f**king christ
[12:43:30] Jay Phoenix: also Larry would've been mute. Yes.
[12:44:55] Jay Phoenix: Main plot would've been something along the lines of this:
[12:46:01] Jay Phoenix: Massive party in some part of the lego world, every non-licensed important character from everything lego is invited, because of course
[12:46:21] Jay Phoenix: Larry rocks up at the joint, but ain't allowed in because, well, he ain't important
[12:47:00] Jay Phoenix: he starts to wander off, but then the party place disappears for... some reason? Christ knows
[12:47:37] Jay Phoenix: Every hero ever, gone
[12:48:41] Jay Phoenix: all that's left is a brick separator (no idea why, didn't write in a reason for that), so Larry grabs it and runs off to prove himself to literally everyone by saving their asses
[12:48:56] Jay Phoenix: ...and that's as far as I got story-wise
[12:50:04] Jay Phoenix: looking back at it, it sounds a ton like the Dimensions plot but with everyone conveniently in the same place because of course
[12:52:24] Jay Phoenix: Hm, maybe I should write this all up in a blogpost or somethin'
[12:54:26] Hugh Wotmeigh: That'd be entertaining :)
[12:54:44] Jay Phoenix: Further expansion on Nick Bluetooth being the baddie: Nick's super-pissed about how he's literally been shoved aside by minifigs due to his theme's s***ty reputation, so he's basically trying to wipe out the entirety of minifig-dom because he hates 'em
[12:55:30] Jay Phoenix: For the final boss he'd also be about the size of a normal galidor figure, so in minifig terms he'd be friggin' massive
[12:56:55] Jay Phoenix: I'mma blog it when I get home tonight then
[12:57:51] Jay Phoenix: I've had all these ideas lying around in my head for a while now, so it'll be interesting to get 'em out on a blogpost
[12:59:07] Jay Phoenix: Main hub would be the infocentre, from which you'd be able to select stages via that big map in the main room
[12:59:55] Jay Phoenix: scorecube would be a thing to check high scores I guess?
[13:00:20] Bug Catcher: (in regards to Nick)  So like the original plot treatment of dimensions where the antagonist was the old brick built family from the line's earliest years
[13:00:29] Bug Catcher: Sounds cool
[13:00:31] Jay Phoenix: Yeah, pretty much
[13:01:06] Jay Phoenix: Dunno why they went the route of making Vortech the blandest villain in terms of character traits
[13:01:29] Jay Phoenix: throughout most of the game he's just doing things because the plot tells him to
[13:03:12] Jay Phoenix: in this, some of the baddies from past themes may turn up, but when you beat 'em Nick literally just throws 'em in the dungeon with the rest of the 'figs
[13:03:50] Jay Phoenix: No "oh you can just try again later we're just mates lol" mentality. Nick hates 'em and he'll let that show I guess.
[13:05:06] Jay Phoenix: Stages would be based on various past lego themes, plus mixing a few up too
[13:06:23] Jay Phoenix: For example, there's a minidoll-themed stage that starts off in the bustling cityscape of heartlake city but then transitions over to Elvendale from the elves theme halfway through
[13:06:56] Jay Phoenix: also how in christ's name would I do a friends-themed end boss lets be honest
[13:07:13] Bug Catcher: Flowers
[13:08:01] Jay Phoenix: oooh
[13:08:07 | Edited 13:08:24] Bug Catcher: Just make the boss the girliest, most harmless, over the top innocent thing ever
[13:08:15] Bug Catcher: And have it kick your ass completely
[13:08:54] Jay Phoenix: a mech made of flowers and butterflies
[13:08:55] Bug Catcher: Instant death flowers
[13:08:59] Jay Phoenix: yes
[13:09:01 | Edited 13:09:13] Bug Catcher: Instant death puppies
[13:09:46] Jay Phoenix: that witch from elves in a mech made outta flowers and tree
[13:09:56] Jay Phoenix: OOOH
[13:10:12] Jay Phoenix: a mech made outta that tree with the elves portal in it
[13:10:33] Jay Phoenix: and it's throwing stuff from the city out at you constantly
[13:10:40] Jay Phoenix: yes
[13:12:50] Jay Phoenix: game mechanic-wise, Larry's brick separator would be his main weapon and tool for literally everything
[13:13:56] Jay Phoenix: used as a swingy-sword for fighting (combos too I guess), used as a board for grinding on rails, and just the pointy bit shoved in the wall for wall-jumping
[13:14:25] ♥ringtail♥: [13:08] Bug Catcher: 

<<< Instant death flowershttps://i.gyazo.com/23bb62a74efad70364f79a367b9835de.png
[13:15:43] Jay Phoenix: bonus: the flowers turn from red to blue
[13:15:49] Jay Phoenix: also cups
[13:19:15] Jay Phoenix: ideas for other stages: a space-y one that starts off in a spacebase and then transitions to the caverns underneath it, a castle one which gradually becomes more nexo knights-come-Fright Knights in style, an Exo Force one which starts off more ExoForce base-ish and transitions into the golden fortress with some ninjago-y tones near the end
[13:19:27] Jay Phoenix: so yeah, these are ideas
[13:20:07] Jay Phoenix: also, great big idea for the name of the game: "LAQ"
[13:27:14] Jay Phoenix: Man I'm full of ideas for this at the mo
[13:27:37] Jay Phoenix: maybe I should literally just copy+paste this into a blogpost
[13:27:54] ♥ringtail♥: yes
[13:28:25] Bug Catcher: please do



So, any thoughts about these ideas wot I had?


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50 minutes ago, Ayliffe said:


...in a good way or a bad way? :P 

In the best way possible

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Was a bit bored last night so I sketched out an extremely rough logo idea for this:



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More like 'LAQ' of Sanity.


*Awkward silence, before the word 'NO' breaks through the ceiling and crushes me*

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On 12 August 2016 at 8:25 AM, aidenpons said:

Me likey.


Its future? We'll see.

Oh, christ knows if this thing actually has a future - I'm just shoving all these ideas out here on the offchance that anyone else is interested in my daft ideas. Could it become the next community project if there's enough interest? Well yeah, possibly. But for the moment, I'm just using this as a way to throw about random ideas wot I had.

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