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I've been here three years huh


Exactly one year ago I told you all how I ended up here in the first place, but this year... I haven't really got much to say actually. We've had some good times and some bad times in the last year, but the one thing that definitely hasn't changed is my relationship with this forum and how much I love it so. Everyone here is nice and for once on the internet it feels like I belong somewhere, and that sense of belonging is hella neat. Even through the spambots and the forum downtimes and the jhucycle incidents, we've always managed to stay together and that's super-neato. Td;lr, you people are great and I like you.


But for this particular post, I'm not exactly sure what to say that hasn't been said before. It's really difficult to say unique things innit?


As for how my life's been going since the last time I did one of these yearly blogposts, I'm... doing pretty well, actually. The minifigure photography I've been posting on Flickr is getting a ton o' views, that worst of lego ideas blog is starting to get some traction (posted an undertale project, got over 20 notes overnight), I got a PS4 (look ma, I'm up-to-date with technology now!), I've finished with Sixth Form and I've been offered a conditional offer for a media course at a nearby college. Life's not too bad at the mo. Sure I'm not the richest bloke in the world, but I'm happy and that's what counts. I'm a teensy bit miffed at the death of Bonkles, but I'm not letting that bother me too much ( I did buy myself a Protector of Ice though, and I love 'im to bits awwwww he's so cute).


And the future? Well, I'll get to that when I get to that. Here's to that future though, and to many more years on this highly-obscure vintage lego games forum which I love so much.


Here's to it I guess.



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i'm a jhu alt


I'm glad you enjoy the forum. I enjoy your news posts, and your sense of humour, and I know Quis will be gladdened if I tell him I learnt about Ashens off you.


A forum's only as good as the people in it *raises glass to toast*


*smashes glass because me + wineglass = a large increase in entropy and Mad Pain Points*

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I'd like to propose a toast to this wonderful occasion...

*stuffs bread into the toaster*


...in all seriousness, it is a great thing that you have been around all these years. One less member account ontop of the mountain of dead member accou-- [POSITIVE THINGS].

If you ever leave, we'll miss you, but we hope you'll be back a while after.


As a community, we (maybe-not-all-the-time) care for each other and-- [TOUCHY FEELY STUFF].





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