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Assault Bay - Ratchet & Clank Fan Soundtrack



I don't know how many people here actually like Ratchet & Clank or its soundtrack, but you can listen to this even if you aren't a fan of that game. But mind you, this is quite different from my usual stuff.


This is a track supposed to mimic as much as possible the style of the music from the original trilogy (the third game in particular). Enjoy! :D







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3 minutes ago, Pereki said:

Pretty cool how you can adapt to different styles like this!

Thanks! This style is completely different from my usual stuff, so I had to analyze every single track with this style and understand what makes it so different. I honestly have no clue how David Bergeaud makes his tracks so quickly and naturally, they're insanely hard to replicate. :P

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19 hours ago, McJobless said:

Not bad at all, pretty close to what David Bergeaud does :)


Thanks! Knowing that you're a R&C fan, your opinion on this is really valuable. :D

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