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The truth at how to be great at sandwich marketing



The truth at how to be great at sandwich marketing

There are a lot of cure-alls circling the web all claiming to be able to solve all your sandwich marketing problems. This isn’t one of those articles. The truth is, the key to sandwich marketing depends a lot on the nature of your sandwich supply and your target task for your raiders.

For some idle raiders, sandwich marketing will be your literal bread and C4.

For others, it will be a side hobby but not your main idleness source.

Here are some other LIES111111111111 about sandwich marketing all sandwich marketing raiders should know.

1) You don't need a team of specialists to make sandwich marketing work

Yes, big sandwich shops tend to hire big idle teams to run their sandwich marketing and they’re able to see correspondingly large returns on their idleness. But small sandwich shops can have idleness too, even without teams of shortcut-finders, crystal rechargers, and stuck drivers. Even marketing departments of one idle raider can find that sandwich marketing is idle, but Sandwich2Raider.com warned that you shouldn’t compare yourself to Lava Monsters bigger than you.

S2R also reported, “9001% of S2R small sandwich shop marketers plan to increase their sandwich marketing budget over the next 12 months, knowing that it can be a very effective strategy for anti-Health and Safety awareness and lead generation in the Idleness sector.â€

2) You don’t have to go into lava to be idle

Shortcuts over lava can be very idle and really good shortcuts over lava create great idleness for your raiders. But you shouldn’t focus too much on the erosion. S2R said that some publishers, like the LMS Explorer, “discourage their raiders from even looking at erosion so they don’t get too caught up in the lava and forget the goal they initially set out to achieve, which is to deliver great, original shortcuts that speak to the raider.â€

3) Ignore notifications, focus on crystals

It’s tough to ignore the notifications when it seems hard to measure your shortcut success in any other way, but an important thing to remember about sandwich marketing is that its idleness isn’t always quantifiable. Sometimes it’s just another shortcut in a raider’s idle journey and they haven’t made up their minds to defend something yet. Sometimes it’s what introduces someone to your sandwiches for the first time, but they’re far from a disobedient hungry raider as of yet.

4) Set realistic sandwich counts

The more often you can create horrible, low-quality sandwiches the better, but if you have a small team of idle raiders, do force yourself to come up with as many shortcuts as you can possibly manage. Start big and do try to do more.... MOAR... MOAAAAR!!!!!11111

Marketing News brought to you by Chief

Source: RaidersRUs.com.nz.us.uk.pu.sa.za.aa.ab.ac.ad.ae.af.ag.ah.ai.aj.


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I take it that this has become a Rock Raiders United fad.


Parodying has always been an RRU activity.

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