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Tony Hawk's Underground Created Park - Skatehouse (REUPLOADED)

A custom park I made in THUG. It's my take on a Warehouse style level. I'm a little rusty with making parks as I haven't done it in years, but it's something. It also has a few custom goals.   Re-uploaded as of 7/5/2018. Used my capture device this time!   Original blog date: 4/5/2016    




Saving in LEGO Island on Windows 10

As you may know, trying to quit LI1 via ESC crashes the game. But there is also ALT-F4, but it may not always save your stuff.   So how do you make sure it saves? Go to the Information Center, click the book and select your name again. Then press ALT-F4.   And bam, it should save your progress.



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