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A conversation with James Malloch: Artist From LEGO Island 2

A few months back James Malloch and I had a talk about LEGO Island 2, of which he provided some information (And images!) about the canned content of it.

First off, about him:

Next up, about the canned content

Also a few other notes:

Also of note, yes some models are from IXS:

For the rest of the images visit this Gallery or download the zip:
By Brickome,

LEGO Racers 20th Anniversary Competition!

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the release of the LEGO Racers (1) video game we’re holding an open tribute competition! LEGO Racers has been a favourite among thousands of LEGO fans from it’s beginning. We all have different stories to tell of our favourite moments and some of the most frustrating warp bugs.
Theme: "What’s LEGO Racers mean to you?"
Express yourself through you own tribute piece whether it be art, music, animation, LEGO build, a game mod, showcase, mini-game… it’s up to you! Let your ideas run wild, just be sure to enter it by the time the competition closes!
Competition entries should be posted in this forum.
Open: Thursday 25th July - 2PM (GMT+10)
Close: Thursday 22nd August  - 2PM (GMT+10)
Community Judging: 22nd August  - 29th August.
Entries will be judged by the RRU Community via a poll. The top 3 community chosen favorite entries will then then be passed on to our Mods/Admins to vote on our favourite from the 3. The winner will receive $50USD via PayPal*.

Disregarding the following rules may result in your entry being disqualified from the competition, so please read them!
You must post your entry in this forum for this competition. Entry must be accessible to members & guests browsing. You may enter multiple entries. Entry must be suitable for General Audience (Nothing Adult Rated) You must enter between the Entry dates and time. (Obviously) Must be related to the LEGO Racers video game. Global Community Rules apply to the competition. Mods/Admins cannot enter. Be a good sport.  
Looking Forward to your Entries!
Extra Details
This competition is not sponsored/endorsed by LEGO/The LEGO Group. Winner will be contacted within 7 days. By submitting an entry you agree to follow the "Rules" of the competition.*If PayPal is not available, gift-able products up to the value of the prize are a viable option.
By Cyrem,

LEGO Worlds - No More Content

A new “service announcement” video has been released on the LEGO Worlds Youtube Channel and Twitter account announcing the “final collection EVER of LEGO Worlds content” (Showcase Collection Pack 2) is now free.
One can draw the conclusion that this once amazing technical attempt to break into the sandbox builder genre alongside the likes of Minecraft has now reached its end-of-life period.
Sadly, this does mean the once exciting prospect of survival mode has…. not survived. Locked in limbo since being placed on hold in 2018 while TT Games focused on “enhancing the LEGO Worlds experience in other areas." and will certainly be missed. The trailer for Survivor has also been hidden on the LEGO Worlds channel. To refresh your memory of something you won’t be seeing, check out the trailer:
The good news is, unlike LEGO Universe you will still be able to play LEGO Worlds as no internet connection is required to continue playing, just don't expect any new content. It is not yet clear if or for how long TT Games will still be providing game support.
Go grab your free content pack if you haven't already and remember the good times. Perhaps we will be able to see some new content being adding to the game by our resident modders in the near future!
By Cyrem,

Game Not Working?

Our community is here to help, head on over to our Game Support forum.

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