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An Ice Pillar mod

The community of LEGO Rock Raiders modders is the oldest of the modding communities focusing on LEGO games. This community has brought forth many mods for the game varying from unlocking removed content to entire overhauls of the game. The oldest Rock Raiders mod known is the Slimey Slug Damage mod created by Rock Raiders United's founder. As modding became easier over the years mods have become easier to create.


Removed Content Mods

Tunnel Transport


Slimey Slug Riding


Large Spiders


Various animations


Baz's Mod

Baz's Mod is the first existing overhaul mod on RRU, which redesigns all of the levels in the game, including new levels to replace the tutorial levels. The mod also includes a redesigning of various aspects of gameplay and a few graphical mods. See Main Baz's Mod Page

  • (v1 HAS BEEN RELEASED Jul 29, 2009)
  • (v2 HAS BEEN RELEASED Sep 18, 2011)

Time Raiders

Time Raiders is a side story involving an escort vessel that falls through a rift in the universe and into the borderworlds. The overhaul mod consists of brand new levels, vehicles, monsters, weapons, and five raider classes, with more focus on combat. See Main Time Raiders Page

  • (BETA1 HAS BEEN RELEASED Jun 25, 2011)

Rise of the Core

Rise of the Core remakes of the levels with new monsters. See Main Rise Of The Core Page


Data Raiders is a graphics overhaul mod where "cyborgs hunt down your data, drill and blow though firewalls..." See Main DataRaiders Page

Custom Levels

Also See: Custom Levels

Abandoned Mods

These mods at one point used to exist, but over time have been abandoned or canceled. These mods, along with any remaining details, are listed here to preserve the fact of their existence.

Candy Raiders

Candy Raiders is a replacement of all the game's content with dessert or candy related content. See Main Candy Raiders Page

Jez's Mod

Jez's Mod is an overhaul of the levels in the game. See Main Jez's Mod Page

Remaining Details

Currently a WIP Status about 70% done.

Things You need to be Aware of.

DO NOT Expect this mod to be a fully blow 12 month operation this is a small mod done over a matter of 2 months. Amount of time expected yet 1 month- 2 months i'm taking a vacation later this week.

Things to look forward to.

Going to redo all the voices. Expect more speed out of this mod.

Things that will make you mad!

Expirmented with something no other mod has modified. Yet suffice to say power paths are going to make you super Monsters are going to be... different (Just because you put up fences doesnt mean monsters will be affected ) Erosion has no master! Support stations Well you'll know when you play it suffice to say... SUPRISE!

Things I need to work on

Got to make 4 more levels. Might change up some slug properties. Going to need to find out why the game crashes every 20 minutes to the second. STILL need to download desert and water texture packs.

Currently working on the new levels.

Don't expect much more like baz's mod. :)

Project SKN

Project: SKN is a complete remake of the original game with more levels, new gameplay modes and complete graphic overhauls. See Main Project SKN (Overhaul) Page

Return to Planet U

Return to Planet U is a remake of the levels and graphics, as well as changing and reviving many objects. See Main Return to Planet U Page

Rock Raiders - Crystal Edition

Rock Raiders - Crystal Edition is a remake of every level in the game. The mod has been postponed indefinitely by the author. See Main RR - Crystal Edition Page

Remaining Details

"RR - Crystal Edition" is a full scale Mod, adding new content (for example: the Tunnel Transport) and remake of every level in RR making some almost impossible levels easier and way too easy levels harder.

Background Story

Half a year after the L.M.S. Explorer has left Planet U, the probably smartest being in the universe, A Lego(R) Fig called Pepi, Searched for a new power source that is reliable and long lasting. He stumbled upon the L.M.S. Ship yards where they Held the L.M.S. Dark Star, a over dimensional L.M.S., and asked what powers the ships. The crew man, Chief, Said that they are powered by Energy Crystals, which are not plentiful on Earth, but on other planets like Planet U. Other members of the team told the story of the L.M.S. Explorers near destruction during which time Chief called the new commander of the L.M.S. Dark Star, Joc. Joc told Pepi about the equipment of the ships under his command. A few weeks later, Pepi, Joc, Chief and Sparks entered the same worm hole as the L.M.S. Explorer entered month's before. Soon they would reach Planet U...

Current status

Postponed indefinitely by the author. The mod may be relaunched at some point.

Waking the Dead

Waking the Dead is a full-scale mod which is currently on hiatus. See Main User:Rockmodder/Waking the Dead Page

Remaining Details

Currently on Indefinite Hatius

The Waking the Dead project is is a potential full-scale mod in the works by Rockmodder and various other RRU members to reintroduce unused material to the game, such as unused animations, models, buttons, and various other aspects of gameplay. Still a WIP.

Z Raiders

Z Raiders' is a remake of every level and graphic edits. See Main User:Joe9412/Z Raiders Page

Remaining Details

Z Raiders is a modification of LRR that I am creating. All the levels will be recreated or edited.


10 years after Planet U exploration the RR team is going back to Planet U to study the life forms. This time, instead of stupid humans, they have Robo Raiders to help. Theese robot raiders do not use up air to breathe but for functioning properly which is alot better then batteries. The RR team flys up into space and a computer malfunction occurs. As they open the wormhole the computer changes the location to somewhere else. Where they appear is Planet Z, a planet not to far from Planet U. They teleport down and begin the exploration and mineing.


1. Gateway to Planet Z

Goal- Collect 10 ECs 2.





















23. Bat Cave

24. Slug HQ

25. Rock Castle

Goal- Collect 500 ECs
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