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The "Res-Q Center Glitch"

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Before I got IXS I read this guide on GameFAQs, which noted an interesting glitch:



Res-Q Center, A Skateboard Move?(thanks go to Dillon First for these two): This is one of the weirdest glitches. If you go to the Res-Q Center, and then jump between the two yellow dishes and the red dish, you can be on top of an invisible platform between the two. After you are on there, pull out your skateboard and do a left or right starfish. If you were in the right spot, you will get stuck there and perform the very strange Res-Q Center move. It doesn't actually give you anything, no points or nothing, but it registers on the screen. Also, you can pull off as many moves as you want. I'm not sure if you can do this anywhere else, but if you find any places- I haven't tried the dish on the upper airport yet- please tell me.




Then in 2010 this guy found that something similar could happen at the garage if you got out of a car while underneath it:



It's pretty easy to do, and you don't have to be in that exact spot for it to work:






For a while I suspected this would work with any building, but I don't remember if I ever tested it or not. Well, I did just now, and used Xiron's cheat engine table to get Pepper stuck inside the police station:



Also the helicopter's position changed somehow but I dunno what happened there lol.


What I really wanna know, though, is why the game is sticking the name of the building Pepper's stuck in into the list of tricks you're doing...


Oh, and while doing this usually means you get stuck forever, I did manage to break free at the Res-Q Center after a long string of tricks one time (in 2010 going by the date I originally uploaded this screenshot to Brickshelf), which resulted in a score so high the UI broke:



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I remember doing this so many times when i found out about it years ago, only doing that trick at the garage to get a cool stunt combo for no reason XD. Never noticed that the name of the building was in the trick that Pepper was doing :P . 

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Can confirm it works on PS2 (sorry for the absymal quality):



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