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WIndows 10

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Has anyone had any luck running Stunt Rally on Windows 10? always had a ton of fun playing it on vista and 7 but vant get it too work anymore anyone got any idea??

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*digs up SR installation*


Mine runs totally fine on Win10 - but with a couple of notes. I'm using the command line parameter /FROMLAUNCHER with /NOINTROVIDEO and /FREEFORM. I'm also using integrated graphics as opposed to a graphics card.


I'd guess that those command line parameters do it - chances are it's the Win10 disk-DRM which has exploded (just google SafeDisc for more information). Create a shortcut to _msr.exe, right-click the shortcut, properties, and then in the target box write /FROMLAUNCHER /NOINTROVIDEO /FREEFORM

so you end up with something like this


"C:\AidenFiles\Lego Games\Racers 3 (StuntRally)\_msr.exe" /FROMLAUNCHER /NOINTROVIDEO /FREEFORM


/FROMLAUNCHER means the game no longer requires its disk to run. /NOINTROVIDEO does ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin, which is get rid of the intro cutscene. /FREEFORM allows you to actually control your car (although it does break some maps with regards to checkpoints and laps).


Give that a go. It's probably only /FROMLAUNCHER that will do the trick, but you can add the other two in anyway.

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