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LEGO Racers GBC Level Backdrops

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For those not familiar with the Gameboy Color port, most of the PC track layouts are featured in-game. The only exceptions are Knigthmare-Athon, Adventure Temple Trail, and the REAL Rocket Racer Run (Alien Rally Asteroid takes its place, but the name is changed to RRR). Obviously, the graphics are simplified as well, but all of the levels have looped backgrounds to help indicate the locations. I ripped all 10 of them using the VisualBoyAdvance emulator's Map Viewer tool.


Imperial Grand Prix:


Desert Adventure Dragway:


Dark Forest Dash:


Tribal Island Trail:


Amazon Adventure Alley:


Royal Knights' Raceway:


Pirate Skull Pass:


Ice Planet Pathway:


Magma Moon Marathon:


Rocket Racer Run:



NOTE - Some patches of sky displayed incorrectly on the emulator; I fixed them with the bucket tool.

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i love the ice planet pathway background! too bad the game f****ing sucks

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dark forest dash seriously looks like something out of shovel knight

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