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Car CrazeXVI

All the postcards

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A while ago I thought to hack all the individual postcards into my album to see if there's anything unused. More recently I took some pictures of them. Now I I've finally bothered to upload them.

Here are the two unused ones:


First one has no message. Second one says "There has been a network error, unabling us to send your postcard. Sorry."

That's it. After spamming the gallery x384 I can't think of anything else to say. (There's still duplicates…? EDIT: Found the delete button, but thanks anyways to our friends the moderators. EDIT EDIT: The delete button doesn't work?)

Oh wait, yes I can. All the postcards are by either Skeleton, Martians, LEGO LOCO, or Cornholio. I tried to add that info while uploading, but that's what caused it to screw up in the first place. So there you go.

Download. (Contains game files, not images, although I meant it too… oops…)

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