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Unused Space Suits in Cutscenes

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I spotted something that looked abnormal in this cutscene image.


If you look closely, you'll notice that Captain Redbeard is wearing white - that certainly isn't normal! At first, I assumed that this was just a rendering error, but it looks like Rudo Villano (guy next to the bricksterbot) is also wearing a white uniform instead of his grey shirt and brown pants.


In the images that followed, it made sense to me why this was the case:


Martians are covering almost this entire scene! Fortunately, you can still catch the glimpses of two human characters in the background. An astronaut on the right appears to have an incorrect torso as he is wearing a blue belt. Neither the game's astronaut team nor the actual Space Port minifigures wear one on their space suits, so it looks like an original design. On the left, it is evident that Johnny Thunder is wearing a space suit too, although it's hard to tell with the aliens blocking him.


This image is a little better. Now you can see that he also is wearing a white space suit.


Anyway, the suit probably wouldn't have been used for anything in-game, but it's kind of neat to see the human characters having to wear them on Mars.


Of course, it doesn't make sense why Freddy and the Brickster are fine without them, not to mention that everyone's heads and hands are still exposed ;P

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