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LEGO Island Imitates Game X

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*I used the LI2 hospital because the we currently don't have the proper .obj from Island

See [most] of them all on one screen here if you'd rather do that then scroll: http://segatendo12.deviantart.com/art/LEGO-Island-Alternate-Styles-596566351


LEGO Island 2



Bright bright green! Just imagine Pepper walking up those hills! Oh, and maybe we should try to win the jetski race by using our water running skills too.

*I shoulda replaced the plantation with Island 2's for full touches... oh well. Admittedly, it was kinda fun doing multiple renders of this and deciding where to put the flower patches and bunny holes and such.




Island Xtreme Stunts


♪ This is the island, the island where I live. ♪


LEGO Racers


I've got no witty Racers combo comment to put here. Speaking of combos, hurry up with my order!


LEGO Racers 2


Have fun exploring in your car!

*thinks about that* I just had the thought that if you could actually drive around on this map in Racers 2, it would be pretty awesome.


Rock Raiders


It's kinda scary in here. Do we have any energy crystals to light up the paths yet?


*Don't mind the missing race track bridge, that's another missing model.

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Now that we have access to the island's .obj meshes (it's not perfected yet, but still) I'm tempted to endlessly chant in your ear "Port to Gmod, Port to Gmod, Port to Gmod", etc, etc.

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Awesome! I love the LR2 terrain textures because they're colorful, but not so cartoonish like LI2's.

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