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how do I glitch the game up?

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Ok, I have seen people play and use the "ogel" debug code, to have crazy stuff happen.


and I would like to do this too, how can do this? (of course)

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There is nothing special to it. At any time during gameplay, just type "ogel" and you will have access to all the debug keys. I remember we used to have a list of all the debug keys on the wiki, but considering it's in limbo at the moment, heres' the ones I can remember.


A: Plays the underwater elevator scene. In some places the colors will be messed up.

C+ any two digits from 00 thru 69: Jumps to a random viewpoint on the island.

G+ 1: Normally, it just crashes the game, but it has other extemely specific uses.

G+ 2 thru 5: Jump to different points in the Brickster scenario.

L+ 1 or 0: change the lighting.

X: Normal models.

H: Better models.

F: Crappier models.

U: Force your character upwards. You'll snap back eventually.

D : Force your character downwards. Similar to above.

+ or - (numpad): Spawn characters/ nudge yourself forward (can get you temporarily out of bounds.)

V+A: Play every cutscene at once. Massively destabilizes the game. Activate other cutscenes at the same time you do this for added insanity.

P: Removes flowers & other changeable objects.

S: Toggles the sound.

* (numpad): Change characters.

/ (numpad): Destroy stuff by clicking on it. 

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That documents most of it. It doesn't really explain the numpad stuff completely though (and it's not "finicky" like the site claims; whoever wrote it just doesn't know how it works), so here's what I know:

The game has a list of characters, and pressing numpad + goes to the next character in the list and attempt to move them to a position in front of and slightly above you. Numpad - does the same but it goes backwards through the list.

If a character hasn't been loaded into the world, nothing will happen. If they have been loaded into the world, they'll be in front of you for a single frame and then go back to wherever they were. If a character is glitched up and not moving/animating (can happen as a result of breaking things, but also happens on its own randomly sometimes), they'll stay at that position you moved them to.

Whatever character you're playing as, the game counts you as that character. So if you're going through the list with numpad + and - and it tries to move Nick in front of you, but you're playing as Nick, you'll be moved to that position, allowing you to go through walls and stuff.

Numpad * changes what character you're playing as, without having to go back to the Information Center. Say you're playing as Pepper, and Nick is walking around, and then you press * a few times to play as Nick. Nick is still walking around, but you're Nick too. If the game then tries to play a cutscene with Nick in it, you might get moved around along with the other Nick. Or it'll just crash. Or maybe something magical will happen.

Numpad / gives you the ability to destroy plants, buildings, etc like the Brickster does. Doesn't seem to actually make you play as the Brickster like some places claim, though.

Also, the player camera faces backwards, hence why when you move yourself with numpad + and - you don't get turned to face your previous position like NPCs do, how you face backwards when the game tries to move you around in a cutscene, or why something like this happens:




Edit: Some more:



See the video description for more info.

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