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HTML5 Rock Raiders Remake

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- When the tile in the duggmap is 0, it's always a wall, correct? Is it a wall any other time?
- Does drilling a wall simply mean setting the tile type to "ground" and marking it as not a wall?
- When a raider drills a tile, what determines if adjacent walls are also drilled?


1) That's correct.

2) That's how I'd do it, anyway. Probably in the same "finish drilling" function that generates the ore/crystal items.

3) Ah, I forgot to mention this one, since GeoTool (as a map editor) had to ignore this behavior. The engine requires any wall tiles to exist in at least 2x2 "chunks", or they'll collapse. The straightforward way to test this is to check each of a wall's 4 corners for whether or not they're part of a chunk, and if none of them are, destroy the wall. Do this for all of the drilled wall's neighbors (if they're walls).


One of the vanilla levels actually has a wall that's "invalid", not part of a 2x2 chunk. It collapses immediately upon starting the level. But another complication to consider is that hidden caverns are counted as "walls" by the engine until they're discovered, so 1-unit-thick walls don't collapse if there's a hidden cavern on the other side. To handle both cases, it'd be useful to have a "isWallOrHidden" function to use instead of just "isWall" in the "isPartOfChunk" test; depends on how your engine works though.

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As spring break has come and went, it seems like a good time for an update.


As mentioned in the last update, I've been in the process of adding a lot of content, and I'm happy to say that the currently supported file types for all 33 original levels (8 tutorial and 25 main levels) have been converted and added to the game. To go along with this, the game now uses the original scrolling level select menu and images, as well as the original ore/crystal count portion of the UI. The original loading screen has been added and is now the first loaded resource. Upon being loaded, this script adds itself to the assetLoader, replacing the normal black background and white loading text. Numerous bugfixes have also been implemented, as well as a minor rework of the level converter to handle some edge cases, and some code cleanup related to Raider AI.


Because things seem to be very stable at this point, I've gone ahead and updated the gh-pages branch with these new changes (meaning they can now be tested on the live site) but keep in mind that there is still a lot of work to be done and more file conversion to do before many of the levels will work as expected. In particular, most levels have been given a placeholder objective of collecting 5 energy crystals, and things like emerge maps and erode maps have not yet been converted as there isn't any monster AI or lava erosion just yet. Additionally, at least one level appears to have some kind of offset between the tilemap and the objectList file, and a few levels fail to load in entirely. I suspect that these are indicative of edge cases not being correctly handled by the map converter, and will be investigating them at some point down the line.

As always, if anyone runs across any bugs while playing, please let me know! Expect some vehicles and dynamite (along with proper level objectives) some time in the near future, so that more levels will actually be playable :)

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