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Weird Visitor Behavior

LEGOLAND Visitors Windows 8

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    I guess you should go with Alyx.

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I recently started up a game of LEGOLAND again, for the first time on my Windows 8 laptop. I soon discovered something subtle, but interesting. The visitors seem to behave differently than I had ever seen. Normally when playing, there would be a large accumulation of guests right at the gates, and hardly anybody -- if anyone at all -- in the far corners of the park, even if popular rides were placed there. However, I noticed that visitors were populating the quieter park areas in far greater numbers than before -- and furthermore, they appeared to be spawning out of nowhere; occasionally, I would see groups of two or three guests walking toward the center of the park from the edges, where I had placed no attractions. Not only that, but they were not following paths. In my experience, visitors never leave the paths unless forced to by the player.


Strange behavior wasn't all, though. Visitors also appeared to be entering the park in far greater numbers than I have ever experienced. It could be most clearly seen in level six, after the aliens teleport away some rides, a massive crowd was left meandering around. And after building the park back up and observing the entrance gates, a never ending stream of visitors was continually entering.


Nothing like this has ever happened before, on my Windows ME, XP, or numerous XP Virtual Machines. It would lead one to believe that Windows 8 is the culprit, but I don't see how that would work.


Not that any of this is bad, though. In fact, it was much more interesting playing with a livelier park.


If anyone else with Windows 8 knows the game well and has the time, I would be interested in hearing what your experiences are.


The obvious reason why this is happening:


The game was made for Windows XP, not Windows 8.


But on a serious note there might possibly be a bug with Windows 8 reading the A.I. for the visitors, I have no idea, I don't have Windows 8.



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I've seen nearly all of this stuff on both XP and 7, aside from visitors deciding to not walk on paths. That's weird.

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