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RRU Quotes 2: Reckoning

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[1/25/2015 11:43:32 PM] Triangle717: What's more dangerous:
[1/25/2015 11:43:46 PM] Triangle717: Java at 11:45 PM, or JavaScript at 11:45 PM?

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[4:45:55 PM] Brigs: so i had a kid over to play with my legos
[4:47:02 PM] Brigs: things quickly escalated into a deranged lego sonic fanfic
[5:26:42 PM] jamesster: 0.o
i am positive this is all somehow your fault
[6:04:31 PM] jamesster: .... wat
[6:04:36 PM] jamesster: oh goodness what
[6:05:07 PM] Brigs: yeah

[8:29:12 PM] Brigs: let me tell you a story
[8:29:21 PM] jamesster: ok
[8:29:27 PM | Edited 8:29:31 PM] Brigs: i call it 'legos and sanics adventure: ABBRIDED EDITION'
[8:32:10 PM] Brigs: once upon a time dr eggman made a base and disguised it as a lego factory (nobody would ever suspect it, because everyone LOVES legos!)
[8:33:43 PM] Brigs: he built a bunch of robot mooks, which had a peculiar predisposition for inanity and pizaz
[8:35:53 PM] Brigs: one day mr lego shows up and tells eggman that he had just acquired a license from sega to produce lego sonic merchandise
[8:36:13 PM] Brigs: furious, eggface promptly dispatches mr lego into a lifeless state of chronic deadness
[8:43:35 PM] Brigs: sanic runs in, seemingly ignoring the bloodied corpse aside
[8:43:49 PM] Brigs: dr eggman tells the robos to shoot sanic te hedgehog but hes too fast
[8:44:02 PM] Brigs: then blonny blunder shows up and asks if anybody has seen his bloomin hat
[8:44:21 PM] Brigs: both sanic and eggmoon tell him they havent seen his bloomin hat
[8:49:02 PM | Edited 8:49:10 PM] Brigs: blonny walks off the set, before spontaneously exclaiming, 'hey, my hat!'
[8:57:10 PM] Brigs: sanic then runs off, as the robos forgot they were sposed to be shoting at him
then kevin hinkle shows up, explaining that theres a lego convention and they need sanic sets produced. 'we need forty two... HUNDRED! by tomorrow!'
tee vee here wants to order a pizza but eggface doesnt let him but tee vee here goes ahead and does it anyway
when tee vee goes to answer the door, he is horrified to find it is not the pizzaman, but SANIC TE HEGEHOG on the other end! 
as sonic makes himself welcome, eggman tells sanic to press the conspicuous red button, but sanic was too genre savvy for him
eggman insists it doesnt do anything, and presses it himself but nothing seems to happens
a moment latter a divine net falls from the heavens above onto dr eggface and 1x1 trans-red studs smite him from the skies
and then he dieded
the robots chanted something about doorbells and dead witches before proclaiming sanic to be their new leader
then the reanimated corpse of mr. lego walks in and says he did some focus groups and found demand to be much higher than anyone had anticipated, reevaluating the number of sets to be a hundred... THOUSAND! BY 9:00 A.M.!!!
sanic goes to the scrappy yard (cuz there was no plastic to be found in the factory) and looked and brought back plastic junk they would transform into an even more ghastly plastic junks.
it was 1:00 A.M. in the morning, but somehow sanic manages to get all the sets made
then mr lego comes in AGAIN and says they did even MORE focus groups, and had to reevaluate the quanitity of sets produced AGAIN to a thousand... MILLION!
so he goes back to the scrappy yard and brings back more plastic junks to create even more ghastly plastic junks.
it was 8:00 A.M., and they finally had the sets packed into the delivery truck (which had a suspicious resemblance to a certain assembly blockader) and their job was finished
so they order a pizza and celebrate until tee vee points out that the delivery blockader was still on the driveway and it was fifteen minutes away from the deadline
so sanic gets in the delivery blockader and drives the sets to the tiny store with three seconds to spare.
everybody lived happily after, but mostly mr. lego, cuz he jacked up the price on the sets ran away with all of the money

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[12:09:12 PM] Hollis Shuner: Skype should have a multipurpose "drunk" status, underneath "busy"

he's technically an RRU member

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