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RRU Quotes 2: Reckoning

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Ayliffe Innit - Today at 2:55 PM
or better yet
just not fill it with spongebob streams
with suggestive thumbnails
look lads I'm not likely to click on it even if the thumbnail has Patrick looking at a bulge in his pants
I'm less likely to do so with that sorta thumbnail


Phantom Terror - Today at 2:58 PM
If I want to watch starfish porn I have other websites for that


Ayliffe Innit - Today at 2:58 PM
like the aquarium


Phantom Terror - Today at 2:58 PM
Um yeah
Let's go with that

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[9:38 PM] Alice: latest.png

[9:38 PM] Alice: can anyone tell me

[9:38 PM] Alice: what is she actually wearing?

[9:39 PM] Alice: is that a sleeveless hoodie with a top pocket?

[9:39 PM] Alice: a gray hoodie with blue arms?

[9:39 PM] Terrev: grey thing over light blue thing i am not good at clothing names

[9:40 PM] Vamp24x7: Maybe its a grey sleve-less coat?????? I dunno

[9:40 PM] Alice: like

[9:40 PM] Alice: I'd consult cosplays to see what other people thought

[9:40 PM] Alice: but this is all I can find

[9:40 PM] Alice:

[9:40 PM] Alice: which isn't exactly helpful

[9:40 PM] Tweesee: who carrys one pencil

[9:41 PM] Alice: Veronica Voltage, clearly

[9:41 PM] Ayliffe 3 & Knuckles: someone who hasn't seen a pen before

[9:43 PM] April: looks more like some sort of worker's overalls

[9:44 PM] Tweesee: does her trousers have vents?

[9:44 PM] Ayliffe 3 & Knuckles: she's a robot

[9:44 PM] Ayliffe 3 & Knuckles: that's why she's called Veronica Voltage

[9:45 PM] Ayliffe 3 & Knuckles: (I'm half joking but that actually makes a lot of sense for some reason)

[9:45 PM] Alice: no wonder she's fast

[9:45 PM] Tweesee: what voltage does she run at?

[9:45 PM] Alice: veronica.

[9:45 PM] Alice: obviously

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(McJobless, my brother, and I were doing online racing in NFS U2)



Watching my rear view mirror was like watching two fat rhinos slip around on an ice rink
It was amazing

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[1:52 AM] Pereki: 769px-Aten.svg.png

[1:52 AM] Pereki: this is my new favorite egyptian god, aten. hes just the sun but with really long arms that reach down and give things to you
[2:02 AM] Jess: "hello citizens, it's me your new pharaoh, akhenaten. you like all those gods you've got? f**** you, they all go in the trash. here's my new god, he's uhhhhh a disc with lots of arms. and you all get to worship him now. i'll be the most popular pharaoh ever for sure now"
[2:05 AM] Pereki: "and, uh, also please build a new city called uhhhh akhetaten. like my name"

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