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Adult-Sized LEGO Watches Return

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For those who are still a little old-fashioned and still wear watches (Myself included), you're in luck: Bricklink and The Brick Fan have reported that LEGO is going to release a series of official LEGO watches aimed at AFOLs. Dubbed the "LEGO Watch System", 25 different watches are planned and, much like the more commonplace children's models, you can customize everything from the band to the bezels. All sorts of colors and designs are in the pipeline, so if you like watches (and why wouldn't you?), be sure to keep an eye on this. They will be out by November, just in time for Christmas with a price range from $85-$185 (So these aren't just bigger watches; they're made from quality materials).


For more images, click the latter link in the Sources!

Sources:  http://www.brickset....rticle/?ID=7841


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I've been looking for a good watch to wear for ages! Thank you LEGO :D