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Finishing last mission

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I'm having problems whilst I try to finish the last mission. There isn't enough diversity among the plants, is the problem. I have exactly placed 15 pieces of every plant, but it still isn't good. How to solve this? Exist the problem because of the many hedges?, which I can't delete? 



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It's been several years since I've touched this game but IIRC, things like fountains and barrels also count as scenery.



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That's correct. The last mission is the only one that gave me any trouble...make sure you have duplicates of all the fountains and barrels. Also, I always use a lot more than 15...just  because.


After a few failed appraisals, they suddenly throw new scenery at you. Just spend nearly the entire game covering every single path in scenery, and it will eventually show up. Why they didn't just give the scenery at the beginning is beyond me, but there you go.