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Digital 1:32 scale LMS Explorer

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After revising my 1:16 model of the L.M.S. Explorer, I tought about an even smaller version of the L.M.S. Explorer. I knew, that it was relatively difficult to contain enough details on such a scale, but I tried my best and here it is:

The 1:32 scale version (okay, it more like 1:33 or 1:35, but it depends on how you measure the ship):

I built it on two days (yesterday and today) and it contains 202 bricks.


Older Render Pictures:







And you don't have to fear even smaller versions, because all of them are here now:


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Ha, I love the little screwdriver. Yes, the 1:32 scale version does lose a bit of detail, but I very much like it, good job :)

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...A painkiller screwdriver is the LMS Explorer? :P


We wantses them allses, precious! They're our, yess ours precious!



The three smallest ones (don't know their scale) sort of lose the bridge and most of the detail... but you made them with 16,5, and 1 pieces (no, of course they're not in order of size! Didn't you know that a screwdriver takes 16 pieces to build! :P


Just swtiched tabs between the 1:16 and 1:32 models and thought 'wow, those two are so similar.' Great job on them! You don't lose very much detail at all!


... I still want a 1:1 model though... :P

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