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PS1 Racers on a PS2

racers PS2 Analog

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You may know this already, but I just wanted to list the behaviors of PS1 Racers on a PS2. I ordered it online for 15$, original release, still in package with the manual. On the classic "Fat" PS2 with a PS1 memory card and Dualshock2 remote. Everything is used but in great condition, only evidence it's used is a tiny bit of scratches on some things.


-Won't save with a PS2 memory card (Duh!)

-Joysticks don't work (Duh!)

-Nothing has a loading screen, it just freezes for 10 seconds and moves on.

-The screen display looks better smaller. If it's larger, not only are pixels more noticeable, but It can get very blurry. For some reason this doesn't happen on a PS1.

-Minor issue and It's not very annoying, but controls are SLIGHTLY off sync. As above, only happens on PS2.


Still testing, but I just thought this would be an interesting factor to bring up.



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Most of that stuff sounds perfectly normal for running a PS1 disc on a PS2, but I don't know why the loading screen doesn't work, that might just be the disc. Have you tried playing the same disc on something else? PS1, PS3, PSP, emulator? PS2s usually seem to play PS1 games fine.


I have the PS1 version of the game on a PSP an it runs perfectly, so a PS2 should have no problems with it.

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