A small level package. (Lord Zakida's Short Fuse & Breakout)

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This level package contains two The Logical Step maps, Lord Zakida's Shot Fuze and Breakout.  I am pairing them here because Breakout is supposed to be in the same locale as LZ's SF.  I also included voiceovers for the unique objectives, objective text (may require a little tweaking due to me adding more maps) and the two level config entries.  You will want to add Lvl 2 upgrades to the Upgrade Station and Super Teleport (to go with the objective) and give the Granite Grinder the ability to walk on fire and water.  You may also want to make the other vehicles lava proof and train your RR's to swim and move the level icons to a better place as TLS was based off of Baz's Mod and thus the placement of the level icons is different.  You should also play them in the order I entered them here so the objectives don't seem screwed up.  Challenge:  Prevent your larger vehicles from entering the deeper faults directly, as the ceiling is too short for them to actually fit.



Map Name: Lord Zakida's Short Fuze
Back Story: Oh dear, Bombot has done it again. Lord Zakida threw a fit and has caused another cavein, trapping him behind hard rock. To make matters worse, the area is in the middle of a VERY active sismic zone with a very large transform fault cutting right through the place where LZ had his temper lost.And that is only one of the large faults in the area.  There are normal faults to the north-west and the south-east that are also quite large and another, deeper transform fault cuts across the main one. There are also a few micro faults beneith the bases that were created by their weight.  I need you to bring down a Granite Grinder and Tunnel Scout and build a new base on the other side of the river containing an additional Level 2 Tool Store, Level 2 Super Teleport, enough Level 2 Support Stations to bring the total to four Level 2 Support Stations, another Level 2 Upgrade Station and upgrade the other buildings to the same level. By the way, I need you to get 75 Energy Crystals and 300 Pieces of Ore.
Map Objective: Collect 75 Crystals, 300 ore, save LZ, and expand the base as mentioned. (this may be a tad broken)
Difficulty: Should be easy.
Download Link: See below



Map Name: Breakout
Back Story: Heads up!  We have started to build a base in a cavern about one mile to the north-northeast of the cave you cleaned out after rescuing LZ to continue the operation.  The same fault system reaches here, but the main hazard is magma.  We did not need the scanners to tell us this as we can feel the heat on the other side of the wall!  This gives us a problem, while there is also a complex river system nearby, that still can't keep the walls cool enough to touch, not that is matters, they are hard rock anyways.  There are at least 300 crystals, that is a hint by the way (be sure it is exactly 300), out there, but to get them you will need to break out of this small room.
Map Objective: Collect 300 Crystals
Difficulty: Should be easy
Download Link:

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If this is a level pack, it would go under Maps. Not "Other Mods".

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I was not sure where it should go because the format was made for single levels.  Are you goning to try it anyways, if for no other reason that it is the only set of levels which have custom sounds?  And can a mod move this (if needed) so I don't have to recreate the topic in the proper place?

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