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Series 11 Minifigures For Sale (In Poland)

LEGO News Minifigures Poland Overview

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So, here we have the eleventh series of those "Collectable" minifigures. Aparently some of them are popping up in Poland now.




Some of these minifigs look pretty interesting, but nothing too different than what we're used to by now (And no ultra-rare "Seventeenth Minifigure" to hunt down). Some of the more notable figs include another policeman (In British flavor), the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, the Gingerbread Man, King Kahuka's Next of Kin, a crazy cat lady (Who reminds me of the grandma from Arthur), a Female!Bricksterbot, and the one I'll be looking for: Elwood Blues (From The Blues Brothers).*


So what do you guys think of this series? Is it getting a little old? Should it go the way of LEGO Games (The buildable board games with  "LEGO Dice")? Which series did you like the most? Throw your comments below!


*Keep in mind these are NOT official names. If you actually fell for those, you're more gullible than I am.


Sources: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=84832



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I've never ever seen a single person anywhere suggest that the LEGO Minifigures line is "getting a little old". Like, every single person I've ever seen on the internet thus far has been supportive of it and anxious to see what's next. I don't see how they COULD get old - it's LEGO pumping out a ton of awesome new minifigure pieces and characters, people love collecting them, people love using them in MOCs, people love the new pieces they introduce... Really, the only thing I've ever seen people seriously complain about is Mr. Gold, which is quite a special case. But the series overall is very successful and well-loved by pretty much everybody. If there are any people that dislike it, they're both small in number and not vocal about it.



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One of these days I'm going to have to buy a pack or two, some of the figs have looked pretty awesome. That space guy looks alright and the blues brother is nice, I always wanted a decent suit torso. The King Kahuka/Uka Uka guy is an interesting one and the lady bricksterbot is the stuff of nightmares D:

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