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Boat Whiteness/Other things

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So my LIXS has been plagued by many bugs ever since I've had it, and on every computer I've played it on. The biggest of these being the while 'boat whiteness' thing where the screen just goes white when you get in a boat and then when you get out you're stuck in the air until you get on your skateboard and you start falling. And so many other things too:


Over-sensitive controls in Ripchord Rescue, making it unplayable.

Over-sensitive Helicopter controls.

Under-sensitive Plane controls (in terms of changing altitude).

Getting stuck at the top of ramps in Wave Catcher.

Getting knocked a million miles away when I get hit by one boat in Wave Catcher.

Under-Sensitive mouse.


Yeah... All these happen on every computer I've played it on. Anyone know the cause of these/how to fix them?



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Modern computers run the game at uber-high framerates, which confuses various things. Find a way to limit it to 60 or so and most of those should be fine - like, recording the game with Fraps will lock the framerate and things will work normally.


Oh ok, thanks. Do you know of any other ways of lowering the framerate aside from Fraps?


Enabing vertical sync (vsync) will lock the framerate to your monitor's refresh rate, typically 60 Hz. I can't remember if IXS has that option, but so many games after the 90's have it that I can't imagine that this one doesn't.


I don't think it does, but Fraps work well, now I can finally ride boats, thank guys :D



    I guess you should go with Alyx.

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I can confirm that IXS does not have that option.


I have the same issue, and I also fix it when recording with fraps.  But now I have a top down perspective and can't see any way to change it.  Sorry for reviving an old post but, help please?


@dash2justice, Wait, so what is the issue again? How to fix the boat whiteness or the top-down camera? For the former, try enabling VSync (see the quotethrough your graphic card's control panel (be it Intel, AMD, or nVidia). As for the latter.... can you post a screenshot and we will go from there (and most likely create a new, on-topic topic after that).


Don't worry about the bump. This is a support thread. Asking for support is never out of date. ;)

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can you post a screenshot and we will go from there


Never mind I fixed it through the time tested method of: Shut up and reboot [the game].  Thanks for the response and willingness to help though.