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Open the Lego Island 2 Music

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Five years ago I wondered, how I could open these strange music files that Lego Island 2 uses.

Now I found the solution:

How To:

  1. Download the Direct Music Producer from http://www.mediafire...sicProducer.exe here.
  2. Install and start it
  3. Click on "File" -> "New"
  4. Then you'll have a new Project.
  5. Click "File" -> "Insert Files Into Project".
  6. Now you have to find the Music Files. They are stored in the "_data\sounds\DirectMusic" folder. Then you open the folder with the files you want.
  7. In this Folder, you first select and open the .dls File.
  8. Then import all .sty files on the same way as the .dls file. <-- Important! ALL .sty files in that folder.
  9. After this you can import the .sgt file
  10. Then Select the sgp file on the left and click on "Play". Enjoy!

A explaining YT-Video:




My Favorite theme is "dance". That's the cool dance theme :D


I hope this tutorial was helpful :D

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the link to the direct music producer doesnt have the download link.


Thanks, now I corrected the link.



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And also you know Soccer Mania, LEGOLAND, Creator Knights Kingdom, several non-LEGO games, etc.


Also, if you don't want to get DirectMusic Producer (which can modify the files), you can also get the player called "Simple DirectMusic Player", which requires no installation, unless you don't already have "the necessary Visual Basic 6 runtime & system files", then there is an alternate download with an installer which has that.



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It took me ages to find a working link to DMP so hopefully this will help a lot of people who had the same problem. Nice tutorial :)


I try clicking Setup.exe but I get nothing :\