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Vehicular Tree Hugging

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An amusing quirk I noticed today while screwing around on the Dig-A-Brick track. Damaged AI cars often collide with and get stuck behind trees while driving to the pit stop, and when the game resets them, they end up on top of said trees, often getting stuck there indefinitely (or at least until another car teleports up there too and knocks them down, or you hit them with a weapon).
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"Aand I'll just put this last tree here, and the landscape is complete. I'm sure nothing will become broken by it..."

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    I guess you should go with Alyx.

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When I was little, I often enjoyed driving backwards on the track and annihilating my opponents with powerups from head on. I don't know why, but this was the only track I ever picked, and so I know it in and out. There's also a hidden checkpoint on the side of the mountain for some reason.


Theres also a hidden checkpoint on the side of the mountain for some reason

Yeah, I never understood that either. Afaik it doesn't really save any time.
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Hey xiron you just got the same sign !


Hey xiron you just got the same sign !

Umm, I'm not sure what you're talking about.

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he means that you have the same green,red brick you stay saying at the bottom of your posts. I think. :whistle:


Um, okay. That was majorly off topic for this topic.


This video gives me an idea for a track once we're able to make custom tracks. Nothing but palm trees for as far as the eye can see. The AI opponents get stuck early on, warp to the top of the forest, then they never come back down. :smug:

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