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Wow, I really got off hand in this topic by going from actual research to just plans I would have if IXS was more moddable :whistle:...

Ahhh, this topic.

It's funny how we never found that leather jacket texture. You would figure it would be in the files if it was loaded and ripped by 3DRipperDX, right?

Actually, I now think that the texture was just part of one of the vehicles in freeway frenzy. I think it was either for the hot rod or that jeep with big wheels (Or both?). Like it belongs to the low poly model of a driver?

Yeah, the same goes with Pepper's orange stunt suit texture, which was used for the driver in one of the cars. There are also textures for of ALL of Dr. Clickitt's and Pepper's (One of those weird ones where the default face is IXS Pepper but the other faces are all LI2) that got ripped from freeway frenzy. I'm assuming that the driver with the leather jacket uses Dr. Clickitt's face, I can't be sure though.

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The driver was Ron Jere- *shot*

I still find it odd that they would reuse the orange stunt suit for said random driver.

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I Changed peppers stunt outfit texture from Freeway Frenzy to the normal pepper texture! (But the cap is still black!)


Changed pepper's black suit (From the Motorbike Mayhem Minigame) to his oringinal clothes from the main island. Also changed the textures of the criminals to passengers from Ripcord Resque. (Changed the bricksters outfit from the minigames to the outfit from the main island too)

I could find some pepper voice clips that he uses in the game. 3 that i found are not used, and sound like they were in Lego Island 2.



Why was he called gnarly bones again? He doesnt look like he's rotten.

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Still haven't found any hats, but I was able to get rid of Pepper's Hat:




I did this by swapping the model and texture with MODEL013 in Z01SPP. I am not sure what MODEL013 was originally used for, but it at least works fine for a minifig.

This isn't working for me, the game just crashes at the initial load screen. I tried replacing the ABD file as well - same result. I've attempted it carefully several times to make sure I didn't accidentally mess something up, but the results have been the same each time.

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