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Board Game.

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Okay, so I am trying to find a way that all of my friends can participate in the fun involved with the rock raiders sets.  I have let them play the game and they are intrigued by the story line, but I want a reason to have out my sets.  My neighbor and I are working on the concept of a board game, but I thought I ought to put a post up here.  Right now, here is what I have (also, you can consult my gallery for reference.


This is everything that is currently constructed at the moment.


Hoverscout x 2+

Small Digger x 5

Small Transport Truck x 3+

Rapid Rider x 2+


Tunnel Scout x 3+

Chrome Crusher


Granite Grinder x 2

Tunnel Transport x 2

Loader Dozer 

Cargo Carrier

Electric Fence x 5+

Geological Center

Mining Laser

Power Station

Ore Refinery

Teleport Pad

Super Teleport

Support Station

Tool Store


Upgrade Station

Energy Chrystals x 300

Ore x 65

Each Character at least 7 times (incl chief) 

Rock Monster x 4


+ indicates that more could be built

I have a grocery bag full of misc parts


So, after all of that...the Idea is to have the rules conform somewhat to the pc game.  One concept is that there will be some sort of "dungeon Master" that will determine the placement of rock monster/ore/EC...etc.  The Idea being that I don't have the resources have each character build their own HQ.  Another Idea is to play it like monopoly and that each player would have to pay the "owner" to use the building.  I have a few other Ideas, but I want feedback from basically a blank slate.  Thanks in advance for all your help RRU.



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Energy Chrystals x 300 Ore x 65

you scare me you really do


 the base could be something like the central point and the players hub off of it? I don't know I'm confused as to how this would work.

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Although I've never played it, from what I've heard, a D&D style board game based on the gameplay of the PC game would probably work best. I think. I'd be interested in seeing how you implement it.



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I'd imagine you'd want to do a sort of resource-management type of game, with the players competing to collect energy crystals and spending them on better equipment that they can use to... get more energy crystals :/

I see the problem.

I can picture a sort of card-based game, with a board actually made of cards, which the players flip over to simulate 'digging' and which may or may not have resources on the other side... problem with this idea is that it doesn't involve the sets at all.

This is an interesting topic. I'll put on MAH THINKIN KAP and see what I can come up with.




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I was thinking of having there maybe be a card system that would be utilized when a "scenario" square was rolled (The RR Logo on a lego die) and you would have a card for each building and vehicle.  The events would be rock monsters, slimy slugs and landslides, etc...  The vehicle cards would remain in your hand until the player had enough energy crystals to "cast" it.  Also, the bucket of pieces (which are all true to theme) would be like a timed vehicle build that you would be able to use for the rest of the game.




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I had originally wanted to have each person start out as a different character and then have them "teleport rock raider to planet" every so often or maybe with the roll of the dice.  The real issue with the game is having it take up an entire living room floor, since I considered a HUGE gameboard where raiders and vehicles move at different rates.  This may be a long process, but completely worth it in the end...(hopefully)


Well, I can see the game having different teams if you use each character as a separate team. So, similar to the PC game, each player would use the same figure as their team. Perhaps then each team has its own benefits - e.g. the Bandit player gains proficiency with water vehicles, however this may be too complicated, it depends how the game works.


Also, if this is going to be a board game anyone can play, I think the board shouldn't be huge and the amount of sets people need high, as few people will be able to purchase enough of these vintage sets :)


I have already got a microscale Chrome Crusher. The model format is in LDD so if you want to add textures either create your own or export the model then add on the textures later.


May I ask... How do I add a download link?


I have already got a microscale Chrome Crusher. The model format is in LDD so if you want to add textures either create your own or export the model then add on the textures later.


May I ask... How do I add a download link?


I think this game might be intended for full-size sets, although microscale ones does actually sound like a neat idea.


In any case, you can upload a file by clicking on the 'Upload File' link at the top of the website, on the semi-transparent toolbar. Simply upload the file (possibly in a .zip file, I'm not sure what formats are supported), and a link will be provided that you can paste elsewhere.


Oh... Hmm... Well, thanks for the instructions... I seem to be posting all over the place so I get confused...


But here is the mini Chrome Crusher file (with an untextured RR microfigure):




There you go! Enjoy!




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Yeah, I am thinking that this would be a type of game that you don't have to have a lot of sets to play, but that really could be adapted to any series.  StarWars, Space Police, Ninjago...whatever.  I really want to have the ability to use all of the sets in some capacity. I did think of each player having to use a certain character and each one had certain jobs they had to do and the players were against the dungeon master.


There is a problem with your game idea though...


It is now getting hard to collect Lego Rock raider sets as no more are being produced. I don't know why but I feel as though everyone should either rebuild the sets multiple times and sell them or just create a microscale one (or just don't do this at all).


Out of all the Rock raider sets all I have is the Chrome Crusher and I cannot play any game without a rock monster, other vehicles, a base, etc...


This sounds interesting, but the physical LEGO sets sounds like it'd restrict it. I don't own any Rock Raider sets, for example...I think...

If all else fails, we can Magic the Gathering: Return to Planet U. :af:


No sets is a problem, which is why I think you should stick to the basics. Pieces to represent ore, crystals, minifigures, monsters and vehicles. Instead of the monopoly-esque board which goes round in a rectangular circle, you should maybe have a 50x50 board or similar and set up some missions just like in the game, with the players each fighting to either get to an objective first or get as many crystals etc.


This all reminds me of a board game idea I suggested on the LMB. I think I called it Rock Raiders verses Power Miners...