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Hi Everybody/pony!

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Hey! I'm QuirkyKirk, I've just registered after being "That guy who browses the site and then decides to register so he can share some info that about a copy of Lego Racers that nobody seems to know about." I've already made a topic about it. Check it out if you're interested!


Hello there! Let me be the first to welcome you to our crazy little community! I hope that you will contribute to the discussions of this forum beyond your initial topic. :) We've got lots of different interests going on here.

The Ace Railgun

Welcome to RRU! don't loose your pants! Also don't annoy the guard dogs!


Hello QuirkyKirk, welcome to RRU!

As much as a FiM fan I am, I'm going to give a warning to not post pony content outside the off topic section. As not everyone here approves of it (, and that fact that it is mentioned in the rules not to be posted elsewhere...).

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Not even tobasco can handle this situation. You'll need to go register for further instructions.

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Oboe Shoes

Oboe Shoes


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Welcome! Have fun, and I hope that you enjoy the RRU community. 


(I really wouldn't expect anyone to crucify you over a passing mlp reference though, that rule generally means not to spam pony-related stuff in places where it doesn't make any sense, same as anything else. (Plus, all of that is allowed in off-topic, which is really the only place discussion about anything that's not directly related to the topic comes up anyway))



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Hello! Be sure to select our big blue brick book have a nice stay.


Welcome to RRU! don't loose your pants! Also don't annoy the guard dogs!

DO NOT take my job.

Welcome, comrade, to Rock Pants United. You are to wear your pants at all times, and you will be responsible for keeping them in good condition. Failure to meet these requirements will lead to termination.

You will also be terminated if I see "pony" anywhere outside the mandated pony topic. Thank you.


Hello! Be sure to select our big blue brick book


I think I forgot to tell you: we have one of those somewhere. I think it got lost in the Sandy Bay flood of 2012.


Welcome to RRU! It's nice to see a new face every now and then.

The Ace Railgun

DO NOT take my job.


Hey first come first serve :P  

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