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Motorised Railgun

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Hey all. Well I finally got round to taking some pictures of my latest Technic MOC, A motorised railgun. It was mostly inspired by the railgun on Metal Gear Rex from the MGS series. It uses a XL motor to turn left and right and a M motor to move up and down. It also has a couple of PF lights for the railgun barrel. I quite like the way the actual railgun looks but that's just me. :) Not much else to say about this one really, On with the pictures:
And a video of it:
And thats it, Hope you liked it.

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That's a pretty epic model, I'd certainly want one. Actually I'd mount it on a tank body and have the ultimate machine. Is there a way to add sounds/have it fire something?


Thanks JimbobJeffers. :)


I also would have mounted it onto some sort of vehicle however I don't have enough parts to make it and a vehicle. It can mount onto the 8110 Unimog set though...


Sounds would be fairly difficult to do purely with just PF parts and normal LEGO, Mindstorms maybe. Making it fire would also be fairly difficult as I would need to make it in a larger scale to fit all the firing mechanisms in there and make it stronger too. Maybe one day...


It looks awesome! Can it turn 360 degrees, or would the wires block this?


Thanks RobExplorien. :)


Just tried that out now as I couldn't remember from the last time I tested it and yes it can do a full 360 degrees. I put all the wires up through the middle of the turntable so it could go all the way around. I wouldn't like to go much further though.



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I like this. A lot of movement to it. Is there any design reason the barrels are different lengths, like them moving in and out?


Thanks Lair. :)


Both the top section of the barrel and the bottom section of the barrel are the same length however because of the way it's designed the top is further back than the bottom. I thought about making them the same length but I ran out of pieces so it got left how it is.


:o You always know how to play on my heartstrings with your models, apemax. This is beautiful.


I'd question if it could actually fire, but this is LEGO...


Thanks McJobless. :)


Making it so it could actually fire would be pretty awesome. I always try my best with what I have.

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