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Strange Behaviour... The Story of Angel and Tony.

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I don't have LOCO, so I don't know how much help I can be here... but I would say try moving the crossroad right one or two squares (If you can do that, I'm not entirely sure how this game works) just to see what happens. It would remove the T-intersection of sidewalk, if that has any effect.

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As to your looking through the files, I'm not quite following. I take it you're proving that 'Angel' and 'Tony''s character types go to the gas station?


I'm saying that "Tony" as the mechanic type minifig goes to the gas tank as a job of sorts, as well as the space shuttle and petrol gas station. He just hangs around them but he might also service it. I think about the bank because it closes down sometimes. Maybe if someone was "working" at it then it would stay open.

Olivus Prime

This story actually made my day. I have no idea why I found it so sweet.