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Bionicle: Parodied

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The Ace Railgun

Well I thought about doing a bionicle stop-motion for a long time now and have finally decided what to do with it! I am going to create a Parody stop-motion series I've got some practice lines (and an actual script) started for those of you who are would like to be a voice in this series please either post it down below or PM me. Also send me a recording of one of the practice lines, I will PM you my E-mail (studio E-mail). I am currently still typing up the practice lines for the characters and will add more later on. There are still about 8 or so more slots left for the first episode.

Parts that do not have practice lines:











Slots left for first episode 6/16

Video Editors: 1/2

Co-Scriptor: 0/1

Co-Director: 0/1

Special Effects: 0/1

Sound/Music: 0/2

Other graphics: 0/1

People who have applied so far:

McStudz -- Undecided

Alcom1's sister -- Undecided

Zypheria (maybe)

Fushigisaur -- Starring as Thok "The Drifter"

McJobless -- Undecided

JimBobJeffers -- Undecided

StonRainStudios -- Video Editor

Key: (*) -- sound effects/transitions/video effects

BIONICLE: Parodied

~~Practice lines~~

(For Narrator{Aka Turaga Vakama[also Turaga Ownewa when Vakama is being beaten up by Nokama })
Why do I have to do this damned intro!? Go nag Nokama to do it or something she is Mata-Nui's secretary right? Just have her tell him to re-schedule it … Gah!… Wait!...Noka…The Intro! * says while being punched* No...No! Not the Mask! Nok... *static*

*Screen shakes as more punching can be heard from behind the stage*

Noka -- Hand me that rope! *said distantly*

Onew -- I apologize for that blundering fool's disturbance… *clear’s throat* Gathered friends listen again to the tale of the Bionicle…

Vak. -- Gah! Hey...Onewa! *more punching* a little help here?

(For Mata-Nui {Male -- A very old Wise type - and yet like all old stereotypical anime characters he will have sort of a slightly perverted attitude})

Mata -- W-What’s Wrong with being a little curious?? I’m just following the natural curiosity of Glatorian!

Kiina -- First off You are NOT A GLATORIAN!!! And secondly ß *says “sweetly”* YOUR A PERVERT!!! *Catches him trying to peek under her armor again*

Kiina -- Alright that's IT I'm reporting you to your superior!

Mata -- Hahaha Good luck with that…

Kiina -- What do you mean Good Luck?

Mata -- Well after all I am the great spirit I am my own superior

(For Reidak {Male -- preferably with a deep voice slightly off kilter})

Rei -- Ha ha haha ha! Mine hit the lava first! Which means you get to feed the Rakshi!

Thok -- You idiot! *slaps back of Reidak’s head* That was one of those annoying little runts tripping over a bush.

Rei -- Oh…Wow they’re even dumber than I am *stomps up to a Matoran (who hasn’t been enslaved by the Zamor spheres)* Hahaha hey Thok how many Matoran does it take to cross the road?

Thok -- *sigh* No you blundering fool it’s why did the Matoran cross the road and I would tease them like that if I where you…

*Matoran drops a rock on Reidak’s foot*

Rei -- Yowch!!

Thok -- *sigh* I warned you…

(For Lewa {Your typical happy go-lucky with a bit of an anger problem at times, also tends to quarrel with Gali [in a brother/sister fashion]})

(For Thok {Thok is going to be the old wise-ass of the Piraka trio a deep voice as similar to Reidak’s but just a little bit wiser})

(For Avak {The Mad scientist and also private dentist of the Piraka [although if you were sane you wouldn’t want him to be your dentist]})

(For Pohatu -- Karda-Nui Ver. {Male -- Very energetic [A side effect of the mask of speed] and has a very big ego which can get him into a lot of trouble, Pohatu enjoys being out in the desert where it’s warm and dry, and where he can run for miles and miles, and he dislikes being in hot, tropical areas such as Le-Koro, or Ga-Koro})

(For Vezon -- Voya-Nui Ver. {Male -- Very dark and sinister, has an excellent evil laugh, and yearns for a new epic cape, [Vezon enjoys bowling with Reidak, and bullying the Matoran on Voya-Nui]})

(For Female parts Gali/Kiina {Female -- Kiina is the older sister in the group of adventurers, she is daring yet cautious, and always seems to be the one that has the most common sense. [She dislikes Mata-Nui for his immature, perverted attitude]})

Kiina -- “Well, if you ask me Mata-Nui is just a good for nothing Perv…”

Gali -- “Just give it sometime I’m sure once he shows you his full power then you’ll see that there is more to him then what shows”

Kiina -- “Yeah maybe you are right…”

Mata-Nui -- *is holding his hands up*

Kiina -- …

Gali -- …

Kiina -- “Ok I’ll bite what the heck are you doing?’

Mata -- …

Gali -- “Now may not be the time to ask…”

Kiina -- “Why?”

Gali -- “He had Dragon Ball Z marathon last night and he now believes he has the ability to steal all of the main character’s attacks…”

Mata -- …zzzzz

Kiina -- “Umm Gali I think he’s just asleep”

Gali -- …

Kiina -- …

Mata -- ZZZZ

Gali -- *clenches fits*

Kiina -- “Gali?”

Gali -- “YOU IDIOT!” *punches Mata-Nui then walks off*

Mata -- *Is still standing*

Kiina -- “Umm…and that’s how you make an awkward moment!” *walks off stage*


(For Gelu/Metus {Male -- Being the second youngest in the Glatorian group he often goes out to practice on his own, and dislikes being around a large crowd, he enjoys being around Gali, and Kiina, but dislikes anybody who is overly energetic i.e. Matau, Mata-Nui etcetera}[Gelu’s voice should be fairly immature, yet still more aged then Gresh. So similar to an average 20 year old male)

Gelu -- …

Skall -- …

Gelu -- “Umm Hello?”

Skrall -- … *wanders off*

Gelu -- “Umm…”

Gelu -- “Well at least I wasn’t slaughtered…”

Metus -- “Oi Gelu! How’s the training?”

Gelu -- *not noticing Metus He drops the Heavy object he was carrying*

Metus -- “Yeowch! Watch it clumsy!”

Gelu -- “Ahh sorry…you are so short that you’re hard to see behind large tubs of lard”

Metus -- …

Gelu -- …

Metus -- *punches Gelu in the stomach then leaves*

Gelu -- “Oof”


*note* -Characters are still a work in progress-


Just repeating. Got access to high quality mics. Quite happy to record.


FushigiSaur & his sister?

Waaaiiit... where did you get the idea that I had a sister?

The Ace Railgun

Wait that was Alcom sorry I was a bit sleepy :P alright is hath been fixed :P sorry again it was like 22:00 when I wrote this post


Wait that was Alcom sorry I was a bit sleepy :P alright is hath been fixed :P sorry again it was like 22:00 when I wrote this post

'sokay. Well, let's see... I've been told I have a deep voice, and listening to recordings of myself I tend to agree. So I think I'll go for one of the deep-voiced characters...

The Ace Railgun

Well I'll P.M. You my E-Mail and you can send me a sample of you doing the practice line(s) (just do the narrator one for now) and then I'll place you where you fit best.

The Ace Railgun

Just repeating. Got access to high quality mics. Quite happy to record.

ok! Great! I'll PM you my E-mail so you can send me a sample of your acting do the Narrator lines in the style of the character you would like to be. @FushigiSaur this goes for you well.

The Ace Railgun

Edit: Added new practice lines for Mata-Nui & Reidak

The Ace Railgun

To all those who would like to participate in the audio recording of this parody I will need your practice lines by next weekend. Don't worry if you are a day or two late. I plan to start the official recording of the first episode by the first weekend of April. If you wish to be excluded from this project please E-Mail or PM me.

Edit: Added more characters to the topmost post who do not yet have practice lines at all, and I also fixed a few errors in the practice lines.

The Ace Railgun

Just to let you know I have received one practice line so far and most likely the Thok character will be taken. But I shall wait until all lines are in to decide


Just thought I'd break the quintuple-post here. While I'd love to voice act, I don't have great quality microphones at the moment. But I will soon be getting a 'gaming' headset which comes with a mic, if it's good enough then I'd be happy to voice too.

The Ace Railgun

Great! we still need more people to cover characters so pass along this info to anybody who you think might be interested. Also get a practice line in to me when you can so I can give you a character.

The Ace Railgun

Edit: Added the final few characters for the first season and adjusted the number of slots to match McJobless is now officially a member of the cast and characters still have yet to be decided.

The Ace Railgun

This is just a reminder that I will need your practice lines as soon as possible if you are wanting a female part then yours will have a later due date but for now I would like to have at least the male parts.

The Ace Railgun

Epic bump!...not... Just thought I'd let you know I have put up some info on BZP so if you are online there and here or one or maybe neither then check my prof/sig for the info.

Oh yeah I will also be needing a Co-Scripter, Co-Director, and a couple extra editors with after effects knowledge. So if you would like to apply for any of those PM me.