New Rubble Trouble

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This is my second map I have ever made for this site. It's  a remade of the original in game map Rubble Trouble. I made it where it's  much harder to beat. And now for the stats. 


Map Name: Rubble trouble

Back Story: A new cavern has been found but the area is very unstable! The cavern floor is covered with fallen rocks and boulders. We must establish Rock Raider HQ and begin our mining operation, but first we must reinforce the walls and clear the debris from the floor.Once the cavern is secure, continue our mining operation by collecting 25 Energy Crystals.Also, our scanners show that there is some life in the area so be careful. Also, we have found a very dangerous cavern in the area that seems to be a (Chief fades away).

Map Objective : Collect 25 EC's.

Difficulty: Medium  (Difficulty compared to original: Medium/Hard)


Download Link:


Hope you enjoy  :) .


Leave any suggestions to me on how I could improve the map.

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