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Greetings, Rock Raiders United. I joined the website a few days ago, and have been hanging around in the shoutbox and IRC since, reading topics and wiki pages in my spare time. I'm potentially interested in modding Lego Rock Raiders, as I have some amount of experience doing so with other games (namely, EarthBound and Uru Live), although I don't know if I'll have the time to do it.


I haven't played LRR in a while, though, so this might be a good excuse to do so.  ;)




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Hello! Be sure to wear frying pans.



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Welcome, Lyrositor.  I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here :)


Welcome, comrade! This is an automated message. Your pants are actually worth more than you. Please ensure they're on and in good condition at all times. Enjoy your stay!


Greetings! You know me already. I'm le717. Make yourself at home.


I haven't played LRR in a while, though, so this might be a good excuse to do so. ;)


It might? It is. ;)


That avatar... looks like it's from...

(namely, EarthBound and Uru Live),

I thought so!


Anywaywho, welcome! Enjoy your stay. :)

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(namely, EarthBound and Uru Live)

Finally more Myst/Uru people! I feel like I'm the only one sometimes...(on RRU anyway) and also Welcome! And do obey the rules or Cyrem/antillies may have to De-Pants you...but fear not Mcjobless is an official pants enforcer so they just might be saved...
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