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Info about my Rock Raiders stories.

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* black crystal/colorless crystal - contains no power and is worthless, also they break easily.

* purple crystal - contains lowest power and have to ether slowly recharge or be recharge by other crystals with more power.

* green crystal - contains normal power and are the most common type of the crystals. They give out a green glow and also gives out heat, the heat is however not to high to cause any burns.

* red crystal - contains large among of power and are almost as rare as the blue crystals. These types of crystals are also some of the biggest of the crystal, and just like the green crystals, they give out heat, but in a higher temperature. These crystals are also like an energy drink for some of the creatures like the slimy slugs, witch get a greater among of speed after having drain the crystal of its power.

* yellow crystal/sun crystal - a very light crystal that gives out not only a great among of energy, but also gives out a great light that can almost blind someone if they don't protect their eyes. Duo to the light these crystals gives out, the rock raiders don't dig after them. Thanks to the light and the heat these crystals gives out, there thens to be some plant life where these crystals are

* core crystal - the oldest and most power containing crystal on the entire planet. This crystal is the mother of all crystals on the planet. The heat this crystal makes is beyond any normal readings, just being in the same cave with this crystal can cause a chrome crusher to break up and overheat. Duo to a crack on it, the crystal have for many years been leaking out some of its energy in a liquefied form, and the core king have greedily drinked the energy to continue to grow in power for years.

* blue crystal/time crystal - these crystals are the most rarest of all crystals, even rarer than the red crystals. There are only 12 of this crystals (originally 13 but rockman stole one to try to revive the core king). Originally these crystals where black crystals but after a mysterious blue meteor hit close by the black crystals, they where turn into the blue crystals. These crystals contains the power of time itself and the rock raiders never manage to understand why and how, some belive it could be that the energy came from the meteorite, but duo that the meteor was completely destroyed on impact, nobody knowns. The power the crystals have, is that they can apparently move object and even people trough time, some times however, it seems more that they can age object and people, turning them young or old, like: a new small digger got in contact with a time crystal, and was then turn into an old peace of junk full of rust and dirt.


* rock monsters are some of the most common seen type of monster seen on the planet, but mostly on the middle mantle. They are known for their villages witch is everywhere on the planet. They are lead by their chieftains and are mostly non-aggressive if not provoked or stolen crystals from.

notable monsters: Donga Rock

* plant monsters are possibly the most non seen monster type on the planet, duo to that there is not enough light nor water to keep them alive, witch have caust the hole species to be almost extinct.

notable monsters: Queen Florana

* ice monsters are a sly and tricky species of monsters, duo to this, rock raiders working at low temperature environments must be careful. Just like the rock monsters, the ice monsters are non-aggressive, but are still known for having stolen crystals from rock raiders, and on rare occasions, even rock raiders.

notable monsters: The Frost Wizard

* lava monsters are considered the most aggressive monster species next to the core monsters on the planet. Lava monsters are well known among the rock raiders for their "supposed" fire breading ability. They can also grow to gigantic size, the biggest and oldest of them being Magmar "the guardian".

notable monsters: Magmar the guardian.

* core monsters are the most feared and ruthless of the known monster species on Planet U, these big monsters have an appearance that seems to make them look like a cross of rocks and organic materials. The core monsters are well known among the rock raiders, that some of them thens to tell horror stories based around these monsters. Thanks to their leader, the Core King, the core monsters have conquered a big chunk of the planet, and the only ones standing in their way, are the rock raiders.

notable monsters: The Core King, Rockman of every element, The Core Minister.


* inferno's pit stop: a type of garage/pit stop that open at planet U. This place is used by some of the more younger members of the Rock Raiders, mostly so they can do some alterations to their vehicle. As the name implayes, the garage is owned by the inferno fuel company, witch is lead by the supposed retired super villain, Dr. Inferno.

* the corporation: a large company lead by the mysterious Eldvar Orgman. His products are sold everywhere and most of the Rock Raiders tech, comes from his company. But still nobody knows who Eldvar Orgman is, that and there have been rumors that he haves a red eye witch is covered by the sunglasses he is always wearing.

* the Brickster's black market: an illegal number of shops witch is known to appear out of no where and then disappear as fast as it appeared. The shop itself is not driven by the Brickster himself, but by his Brickster-bots, the Brickster instead appear on a monitor witch he uses to contact the shop with. The market is known for selling unmarked weapon upgrades, building instructions, vehicles ,ovs. If you are a member of the market, then you will get to know where it will open next.

* Centauri's gadgets: a shop witch is run by the Martian Centauri. This shop sells a large numbers of gadgets and tolls to Rock Raiders and anyone else that would need it. Some of the Martians that works here are: Mizar, Vega, Canopus, Altair, Pollux and Antares.


* the black hole gang gas station: if you have no idea who the black hole gang is, then this place is not for you. This space station is owned by the black hole gang, an infamous intergalactic criminal organization, lead by the mysterious brick daddy. The gas station is however believed by the space police to just be a cover up for the black hole gang to steal the energy crystals from the cargo ships.

* space pirate station: the station for the dangerous space pirates, the alien insects that have been a treat to the Rock Raiders mining operations for some time now. The station have never been found duo to its jamming systems and clocking system, witch have enable it to be hidden from the Rock Raiders radars for some time. The station is huge, being a techno-organic being looking almost like a giant dragonfly.

* Blacktron moon base: the Blacktron moon base, is a secret base made by the Blacktrons, for reasons that are unknown for this moment.

more info soon.

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