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Review: #6745 Propeller Power

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LEGO Creator #6745 Propeller Power
Review by RobExplorien

Creator sets are the only sets I actually buy at the store lately, aside from two City sets and some LEGO Technic. But this buying has subdued as well, and nowadays I mostly buy online. But this is not the subject now, the subject of this topic is a LEGO Creator set from 2009, and was sold at a retail price of $19,99 at toystores (according to Brickipedia). It is an aircraft set (aged 7-12 recommended), and with this set you can build three different models: a propeller-powered airplane, a helicopter and a fighter jet. The box design shows the main model in action, soaring through the skies. The motor running, the propeller spinning and creating great velocity, this plane can take on any flight! Below shown as well are the two other models, and an instruction manual showing the 3 in 1 feature (common for most Creator sets).



On the back of the box, all models are shown once again. The alternate models are pictured in action too now. For the propeller-powered airplane, some features are shown as well, like the spinning propeller and the landing gear. And ofcourse the weblink to the official LEGO site cannot be missed on the LEGO boxes these days.



Arriving to the contents part of this review:

  • 247 pieces
  • 2 instructions

A nice amount of bricks for this set, I say. Main colours of this set are yellow and black, with mixed white and grey parts. Enough bricks to create neat-looking designs with, although I haven't tried that yet. Benefit of this set; no stickers (but no printed-on bricks either).



Here another look at the instructions, from inside. The upper instructions are for the propeller-powered airplane, which also has the most steps (40) for building. The lower instructions are for building the two alternate models. Both models are built in about 34 steps.



During the build I came across something I didn't expect from LEGO; the consistency in yellow colour. I never really heard of 'discoloration' of yellow bricks, but it may not be discoloration here. A production failure perhaps, I'm not too sure about the latter. The image in spoilertags shows the (hard to see, but in real life (evidently) perceivable) difference in colour between the upper two yellow bricks. Note that only the four yellow bricks of the upper right brick type, included in this set, show a different yellow tint than the rest of the yellow bricks in this set.



Regardless, after a 30 minute build, the propeller-powered airplane is done. I especially like to colours for this aircraft, but red would work out well for this airplane too. Nicely detailed propeller engine, moveable back wings and complete with landing gear. The wingspan is 27cm (11 inches) wide and the plane itself is over 22cm (9 inches) long. I'm surprised that there aren't any lights on the wings.



More of the propeller-powered airplane:

Back view.



Bottom view, with a better look at the landing gear (left wheel folded, right wheel fold-out).



Zoom-in on the detailed propeller engine.



The other model is the helicopter, which can be build with the parts also used in the former model. You end up with much more spare parts this time (which also is the case with the fighter jet), but the design worked out well. Having three blades, and a smaller rotating propeller at the back, the classic helicopter design is complete. I like how sideways building is used at this model. The undercarriage is not very special, simple plate elements are used here. I used one of the spare parts to create a bit of a stand for the model.



Extra images of the helicopter:

Back view, with the brick I used as a stand visible.



Front view (sorry for blurry picture).



Bottom view.



The last model is a fighter jet. Despite the different colours, it has some ressemblance to a Harrier jump jet. The wings are moveable, and a landing gear is included in this model as well. This is my favorite model of the set, with aerodynamic design and lights on the wings.



And lastly, more images of the fighter jet:

Back view, with landing gear in better sight, as well as the angled wings.



Front view. From this perspective, it looks intimidating to me.



Bottom view, with landing gear folded.



Which of these model designs do you like best?


Having this set examined and tested, I come to the following conclusion:

  • Box design is well done, picturing all three models in action (on back of box) and showing you all the pieces included in this set (on the side of the box).
  • Instructions, two of 'em. The main model gets one of its own. Well explained and good images.
  • The three models all look good with their black and yellow colour scheme, and the detailing is nicely done for the models. Too bad that I came across a consistency failure, but this doesn't take away the fun of this set.

Design: 8
Quality: 7
Fun: 7
Price: 8

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