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Review: #7049 Alien Striker

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LEGO Alien Conquest #7049 Alien Striker
Review by RobExplorien

Another Alien Conquest set, this time a bit smaller. It is the #7049 Alien Striker, released in May 2011 aimed at ages 6-14 and at a retail price of $4,99 (according to Brickipedia). Alien Conquest (being a mixture of Town and Space) was not a very long lasting theme, having only been active in (early) 2011. Nonetheless, the theme marked the revival of the classic dish-shaped LEGO spacecraft, just like the UFO theme from the late '90s. This time, the aliens attempt to destroy humanity, a scenario which had not been known in former Space years for LEGO. That's why the secret services set up a special defense unit, the ADU (Alien Defense Unit).



The box may appear big, but is in fact about 4 by 6 inch. It already shows that the ADU has actual rayguns, not just flashlights and handcuffs like the regular City police has. The background looks good with this set, showing that the invasion has already started. This is a classic one-to-one battle between human and alien (might this happen in real life once?).

What annoys me is the back of the box. Looks like the LEGO Company took precautions very serious, because "Warning! Choking hazard. Small parts." is written all over the back of the box in 29 (human) languages. A good job to advise parents about this, but this is getting out of hand. The logo on the right of this text (0-3) would have been fine by itself. And it is indubitable, the link to printed on the box.



Moving on to the contents of this set:

  • 45 pieces (including 4 spare parts)
  • Instructions



I can't say much more about the instructions tha being well-explained, as always. Even though being such a small set, it shows what pieces you need for the next step, like you couldn't figure it out by yourself. I'm not negative about this, heck, I favor this at instructions (especially at bigger sets).



Next up, the minifigures. Two in this set, an ADU Pilot and an Alien Trooper. The Alien Trooper has a special minifig head of its own, and is not equiped with any handheld guns. The ADU Pilot has a double raygun, and nice to see that guns are allowed in fighting Alien Troopers.The helmet is pretty big for the minifigure, but acceptable. Both have printings on the front and back.



The ADU Pilot also has a 'second' face, which can be seen when twisting the head 180 degrees or taking of his helmet. In this facial expression, he's surprised, maybe a little scared or overwhelmed. He'd better keep on his helmet to prevent others from thinking he's a mutant with double faces.



Ofcourse the Alien Trooper is equiped with some kind of weapons. The Alien Striker has two lasers on the front, which he probably controls with the two joysticks, the same joysticks to control the Striker's movement with. The Striker features neon green, dark grey, purple, and black pieces and uses the SNOT-technique (Studs Not On Top) as well, and makes it look just a bit better. I've used the spare visor of the ADU Pilot as a stand, as if the Striker floats this way.



Another angle from the back, showing the two thrusters (being 1x1 round translightblue plates) and two holders (for captured rayguns by the Alien Trooper?). You can also see the abbreviation ADU (Alien Defense Unit) on the back of the ADU Pilot.


Having this set examined and tested, I come to the following conclusion:

  • The box has that Alien Conquest flair (greenish colours, saucers on the background) with perfect dimensions for storage.
  • The instructions show you well how to build the minifigures and the Alien Striker (in 14 steps). I'm satisfied with that.
  • The set itself is a small one, but any theme comes with smaller and bigger sets. With the Striker's nice design, the feature of guns and lasers and spare parts, this set feels finished to me.

The fun of playing is something purely subjective, but even though being such a small set, I enjoyed the Alien Striker.


Design: 9
Quality: 8
Fun: 7
Price: 8

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I truthfully found the set to be better for its parts than as a set to show or collect. I mean where else are you really going to get two minifigures AND some pretty useful/rare parts in good colors.

BTW, I take it you live in Europe since the set does not list the number of parts?

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BTW, I take it you live in Europe since the set does not list the number of parts?



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