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Your Best Racers Gameplay Tips

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At the start of ARA, driving off the track makes you immune to the UFO's tractor beam. (iirc)


Using the PGLLRD and MXPMX cheats at the same time makes for an exhilarating race




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Most of these are obvious and you will probably already know.

-When cursed my the mummy, use a grappling hook on your opponent and pass them. It will give you an insane burst of speed.
-At the start of Adventure Temple Trial, boost ahead and grab a yellow brick and the two white bricks at the side. Activate it immediately, you will trap Gypsy Moth or Basil. 

-At the end of Adventure Temple Trial, if you accidentally drive into the lane with the curse, careful driving at the sides of the lane can help you evade the curse.

-In Alien Rally Asteroid, if you don't get a blue brick, drive on the green sides of the road, you won't be affected by the UFO. (Just realised it is the same as Donnypool's :P)

-When an opponent is in contact with you, using an oil slick will affect them, even when they're in front.
-With the lightning wand activated, pick up a red brick. When you shock an opponent, fire the cannonball at them to slow them down further.

-In circuits 3 and 6, swap the green bricks that the leader will take with other bricks to prevent them from boosting.
-The Red shield will spin an opponent on contact longer than the Yellow shield.

-The crate at the Imperial Grand Prix will still hit you even if you have a shield on.
-At the start of Ice Planet Pathway, the circuit leader will always take the red brick. Boosting ahead of them almost guarantees a hit from them.

-At the last two corners of the Ice Planet Pathway, there is a spot where warping will bring you to the same place, avoid warping there.

-Powerups are great, but don't forget about the racing line. It's vital to grabbing that extra white brick or avoiding a wall.
-Your guided rockets don't target far, but the AI's rockets will hunt you down.




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At Imperial Grand Prix, to the waterfall part, you can honk (press enter when you don't have any weapon) at the cannon to make it shoot. It's fun!


you can also open it by honking


how do you honk?



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Never use a turbo when cursed by the mummy.




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"use the arrow keys to move"

No, really, I just don't know of any serious tips or strategies for this game.
In fact I was surprised when reading through this thread that tricks like these even existed.

But I think that you should throw in a few joke tips.
Just a few, so they don't outweigh the serious ones.



No seriously, the first tip you buy is 'Press X to fire' (that is, on the PlayStation version). But to get the money to buy it you need to have blown up the local scenery... by pressing X. -.-



My tips: I prefer to go through the shortcut on Magma Moon Marathon that is blocked by a shielding first. This gives you a flying boost and a chance to hear what the code is for the three-white shortcut.


Got an oil slick and there's a racer next to you? Drive into their side and drop it. :smug:


To annoy Kahuka, drop magnetic traps right in front of blue bricks.


ALL racers can be beaten (except Rocket Racer and Miss Voltage) by using no green bricks except for the beginning turbo. I have done this. It's not easy, but you can still come first.


If you're raging really badly at a racer, grappling hook them, pick up a red, shoot them, pick up a yellow, and drop it in their path.

That's what you get, Captain Redbeard. :P


Make sure you know which way the track goes  in Royal Knights Raceway. Turning the wrong way will make you fail.


If you're trapped by a Mummy's Curse, get a blue brick and use it. OR drive into a racer. Either way, you don't have it anymore.

Avoid warping on the split track in Rocket Racer Run. Occasionally you will warp round in a circle.


Sometimes flying can be better than warping as you can pick up bricks while flying.


To beat Redbeard easily, shoot him just before he picks up a red. His speed will carry him over the red brick, which you can now pick up to do the same thing again.


Dynamite is ineffective. Find another white and make it into a Magnetic Trap.


I have found rockets to be effective, but a warp will take you far further.


Drop any yellow in the twisty turny bit in Knightmare-Athon. A Mummy's Curse is particularly effective as it will get everyone.

Then switch the blue bricks with something else so they can't get out.



Wow, that was long.