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Where to Find Glass Display Cases (for Lego)?

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As my collection starts to grow, I have come to want to display them, as some sets (or combinations of sets) just make great dioramas and scenes. At the moment, I have two of IKEA's DETOLF glass-door cabinets, but I'd like to make some horizontal displays too. Seeing as I have a large shelf-space, I started to look around for an equally cheap-but-great display case to fit my space. But, alas, I was foolish to think there would be any such cheap cases! So I wondered if anyone else had any luck finding a glass display case, and if so could they share it?


The dimensions I'm looking for are around (but no more than) Length: 420mm Width: 900mm Height: 440mm. And I'd prefer the price range to be relatively cheap, although I understand that most are quite expensive.


If there aren't any, does anyone have any other suggestions? While just placing the models in a scene is okay, glass display cases make things look a lot nicer (and keep the dust out too ;) ).


Perhaps a fish tank would work?  Also, would you be willing to build your own enclosure?


Hmmm, I hadn't thought about a fish tank. I'll have a look, thank you.


When you say 'build your own enclosure', do you mean literally me building it, or a bespoke order from a company? I can imagine the former would be cheaper but harder.


The only other thing I can think of is that, as my shelving unit is against the corner of a wall, only the front two sides are open - meaning I could just attach a glass/plastic sheet across the front with some form of opening method. Unfortunately I cannot build into the shelf itself (i.e. a sliding door nailed into the shelf) as not only is the house rented - and the shelf is kind of built into the wall - but also the shelf isn't level. The height starts at 440mm on one end and rises to 460mm on the other, so the shelf would need to be cut into.


But again, thank you for the reply, I'll certainly look into fish tanks :)


I meant literally you building it.


Yeah, it's an Answers thing, but it works.




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The only cases I've seen cost nearly $1000, so £40 is very cheap. Fish tanks cost more I think and aren't as nice to look at.



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I would use plexiglass, it's cheaper than glass. You could probably take 5 pieces and just glue them together.



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Find a shelving unit with adjustable shelves(there should be one around your home somewhere).

Get a large sheet of plexiglass, and cut it so fits in between your shelves.

Use some sort of hinge to attach the plexiglass to the shelf above it.

Voila, hinging display cases. :P


Thank you for the replies, it seems plexiglass is the way to go!


I'll either build a display box using that great link noghiri posted, or I'll attach it to the sides of the shelf. And once I have the models to go inside it, I'll be sure to post pictures on RRU :) Although it'll probably a few months while my current project (which I'll be posting within a week or two) is completed.